Erythritol carbs

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I bought erythritol and been doing research apparently the carbs in the erythritol do not break ketosis as they do not get digested as carbs is this true? it says 1 gram of erythritol is 1 gram carb im pretty sure i put like alot in my coffee will this break my ketosis. Its a pain going keto again.



I count erythritol as zero :slight_smile: Some people count it as 50% net carbs. If you count total, it’s 100%. It’s easy for me as if it matters to me if I use 0 or 100%, then I eat way too much sweetener… I try to do carnivore anyway :slight_smile: But quite a few years ago when I did my original keto, I had plenty of erythritol (from my own viewpoint. I never ate even sugar in huge amounts compared to the average person - but that’s insane - , I did that even less with sweeteners) and I don’t think it mattered to me (definitely didn’t bothered my fat adaptation, it happened just fine in 7 weeks so I suppose I was in ketosis most of the time) - beyond whatever sweets did… But I needed my sweets, I ate very much of them. I didn’t overdo sweetness as I already had a very changed sweetness perception at that point due to cutting out sugar several years before. But lots of cakes and other stuff all the time (to keep my carbs low enough), that surely was a pretty high total carb (I had plenty of fiber too). Since then I tried other styles and I still am sure erythritol doesn’t matter to me. But it does for some others.

So I wouldn’t necessarily worry. I don’t know what is your goal with keto but what if you try it the way you can? As I did, with my 100g total carbs or what, I never tracked as it’s irrelevant to me. Of course, it’s best to keep both net and total low and skip sweeteners so if you can do that, do it. But if you can’t, you don’t need to stress over it, maybe your style will help you - or you can go stricter later.

I always say this. Be strict if you really want to make sure you do it right (unless if strictness feels bad, physically or mentally), avoid sweeteners if you can - but it may be better than the alternative (losing sanity, going off and eat all the sugary treats you can or feeling utterly miserable).
Many people have results even with lots of keto sweets, maybe you will be a lucky one too. For me, my original keto wasn’t good enough but I couldn’t do it any other way back then, I could get away with more carbs and I still got fat adaptation and it was great. And eventually I went lower and got more benefits. Do what you can!

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A quick search on this site will bring up a LOT of info, research, plus personal experiences.
You’ll find fans and foes.

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There are a number of issues with the non-sugar sweeteners, but the experts in the field all agree that if you need to use such a sweetener as you remove actual sugar from your diet, then it is safe to do so. They are certainly better for us than actual sugar.

If you are counting total carbs, you would include the non-sugar sweeteners in your carb count. If you are counting net carbs, you can subtract the full amount of most such sweeteners from your total carbs. However, the sugar alcohols are partially metabolisable, and so you should subtract only half the amount of those.

Ideally, and for various reasons, you probably don’t want to be using such products over the long haul, but certainly they can be quite helpful in adjusting to a ketogenic diet.

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And even then, half is just a rough guide. There are many different factors that affect how much you digest those sugar alcohols.

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When I wore a CGM I tested erythritol, stevia and the sugar alcohols in low carb ice cream bars. I had to use the glucose as an indicator of insulin since it only tests blood glucose.

Erythritol in my coffee had zero effect. I saw a slight drop in glucose from stevia, which could indicate a small insulin response. I prefer stevia over erythritol so I am sticking with the stevia for now.

The ice cream bars spiked my glucose about half as much as a piece of bread so I quit buying them. It had other sugar alcohols or it could have been something else in them. Rebel ice cream was ok, although I only eat one spoonful when hubby eats it.

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Wow. You can eat one spoonful!


I can imagine a spoon I would be fine with :slight_smile: Not even my biggest one for soups :wink:
But it depends on the ice cream, if it’s not rich enough but tasty, I would want more. No idea about keto ice creams as we don’t have them here.

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Yeah, never been a sugar addict.

Now potatoes……. no way could I eat one french fry or potato chip!


Because they are so tiny that it would make no sense. That’s a tease!

I can eat a little cube of potato from my SO’s boiled and then fried potato but I had training. I like chips more because they are CRUNCHY. One chip would be cruel.