Episode #70 - The 30 day Steak Challenge

(IDM Educator) #25

It worked. We wanted to eat only steak for 30 days. We did it. Yay us!! Lol.

I learned a helluva lot more than just theories about my whacked lipids.

I learned how to order a whole untrimmed primal, I made friends with no less than 3 different butchers who contacted me when they got in an especially fatty primal. I learned that after about a week of agitation at eating the same thing, I fell into a pattern of viewing “food as fuel” and recognizing true hunger more than I ever have. I Iearned how much more simple my life became when feeding myself only involved cooking one steak a day. I had cravings for unusual flavors, sour being most prominent. My ketones were excellent, remaining steady between 2 and 4. I was more in touch with my acute craving for fat more than any time my first 3 years ketogenic. I lifted weights as normal, and increased my strength easily.
@Donna no doubt learned some things too, limiting her food to only steak for 30 days.
We didn’t even use spices!!!
^^and THOSE are the reasons we did the steak challenge. Not for health, not for lipid tests.

We did know it would not hurt us, and it did not.
I even still love steak! Though since this prefer it only once or twice a week, no more. I got way spoiled on it.

The lipid tests were purely out of curiousity. @Donna’s lipid panels were normal btw, which is how I expected mine to be, consistent and normal. That they were way off my normal was concerning at first, until I talked to @DaveKeto, then I was calmed by his solid research that lipids are not static.
We then followed my blood work and watched it return to my normal.
All of that lipid testing was unplanned for this steak challenge :slight_smile:

Now. On to the wing challenge. There’s also an offal challenge in the works with @Donna. Lol

(Dave) #26

Okay – you KNOW you should to the blood testing on that one too, right? :smiley:

(IDM Educator) #27

If you’re serious sweetpea I’ll do it, but all of it will have to wait till after the festival. Saving pennies atm.

(Meeping up the Science!) #28

Maybe, we should keep this casual, and you know, just “wing” it? >.>

(IDM Educator) #29

I’m into just winging it.

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

Well I think this was one of the most interesting podcasts to date. There are tons of good ones, but I really learned a lot from Richard’s lead in section and then Donna and your experiences with monoeating. I have eaten a lot more steak since starting this WOE, but not sure I could eat only steak everyday for that long of a period. Well done, ladies.

(Adam Kirby) #31

Brenda you had weight loss from the steak challenge, right? Did it persist afterwards?

(IDM Educator) #32

ME too. Reminds me of college. I cannot get enough of his sciencing. Lol I made up a word. :hat:

Absolutely. The exact same way as most fasts. Approximately half came back as water weight. I expect it now. 6 stayed off :slight_smile:

(Adam Kirby) #33

Very interesting. Would you say the reason was zero carb or something else?

(IDM Educator) #34

Not sure what you are asking. Why I lost the weight? Or why some water weight came back?

(Norma Laming) #35

I’m thinking of doing something similar myself, only with beef/mutton, rather than only steak. So I would like to ask how you both are feeling now? How did you manage, how did your gut manage, when reintroducing vegetables? I do wonder if there is some bacterial die off when one moves to a very restricted diet. Because I cannot see myself ever giving up vegetables permanently, I would be concerned that in not eating veg, even keto veg, for a month I would lose the bacteria that assist in digesting them.

How have you both been since the experiment? What are your thought now, looking back?

(IDM Educator) #36

ha! Just saw this. I had no residual effects, and was crazy enough to do this again February 2019