Entire meal Sous-Vide IN THE DISHWASHER?

(Robin) #1

My husband just saw on the news that people are cooking entire meals in the dishwasher… basically using the sous-vide method! WHAAAT?


Sadly I’ve hear of this way of cooking myself in the past, but wasn’t bothered to look any further into it. Be it just a hoax, or actually for real? We do our dishes in the dishwasher after a nice Sous Vide meal, but that’s as close I will ever come to it this method. … Though I have thought a nice big cooler full of steaks for a cookout might be nice. Get em’ all done at the same time, on a larger scale operation. You might need a few units to help with this, but I’m sure the attendees would be delighted at the results.

(Jane) #3


(Doug) #4

:smile: For beef, it would do okay, perhaps… Most dishwashers are ~130-140°F or 55-60°C, and if the meat is really staying at the temperature, then the time is fine for tender cuts… :stuck_out_tongue:

But good grief - lots of wasted water and energy.

(Robin) #5

@OldDoug Agree… maybe if you totally filled the dishwasher? I think it’s crazy-town. But I can understand the mindset of push Go and walk away. I’m lazy… but still.


I can’t see that actually working, you get zero control over water temp and the last thing it would be is consistent temperatures.

(Jane) #7

I agree - it’s nuts. You want to sous vide - get a sous vide. I don’t even have a dishwasher so not an option but I wouldn’t do it anyway.

I use my sous vide for meat, cheese and yogurt and it holds a perfect temp for all 3. If I want something fast, I take chicken thighs out of the freezer and IP them. Or the fork tender chuck roast IP for an hour - fell apart taking it out of the IP tonight.