English Influencer - stop eating processed foods


I am being inspired by Eddie.

Is anyone else aware of Eddie the messenger?

He is in his sixties.

Swear Aware: His passion spills into his language use.

(Robin) #2

Awesome! Stop eating ■■■■!

Adding Eddie to short list. Thanks.

(KM) #3

Loved Eddie! The fools in the comments are, as always, depressing. 1. you should eat plants “at least”. (his whole point is don’t eat plants.) 2. you didn’t cook well / it’s not pretty enough (his whole point is that it’s quick and he likes it this way.) 3. I don’t like the foods you chose (he’s not cooking for you, hon.)

So, Go Eddie! He’ll be on my list too.


After this one video it seems he is my kind of guy! :smiley: He seem to have my attitude. Don’t tell me to eat differently if I feel best like this :smiley:

(Robin) #5

I stopped reading comments a long time ago. It always reminds me of my dad saying “All the noise at the pool is coming from the shallow end.”
Life’s too short to pay attention to negative nonsense.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

Eddie seems like a neat guy. The other English YouTuber I like is Kent Carnivore.




“Your food is boring.”
“Thank you.”


Imagine if 50yrs ago you were told that in the future, people wouldn’t grasp that food that only existed because of ultra mega factories, chemical extraction, and full blown labs that could rival high end medical facilities in both ability and research money would be the mainstream thing, and that convincing people in that time that was bad would be a hard sell and wouldn’t grasp why actual food was better?

That would be an eye rolling joke… SURPRISE!

(KM) #10

It really is like something out of a science fiction movie, isn’t it. Invasion of the body snatchers, maybe.


Eddie didn’t like the critique from a mainstream media employed dietician. I think the newspaper deals in conflict. They picked the right guy. Personally, I like his response.

Daily Mail, before you jump on my boat, make sure you’ve done your research. If you had, you’d realise that the reason why I’m popular, is because I’m helping people for real, unlike Catherine ■■■■■■■ Collins.

People are finally waking up to the ■■■■■■■■ nutrition that she’s been taught. We don’t need ultra processed foods in our society. Not even in small amounts.

(KM) #12

Oh I love this guy. It’s starting to seem like the Twilight Zone to me, that there’s an actual science degree available in the art of telling people to eat toast and cereal. Go Eddie!


It’s amazing how there are a few key “plants” leaving replies that try to scare the thousands cheering him on and claim why her nonsense is good science and Eddie is dangerous. Some have “nutritionist” in their userID. They keep repeating the same reply all over the comments section saying nothing new but the scripted reply.

I have an old friend from college who became a nutritionist and when I chose the Atkins diet she was beside herself. She actually became furious with me and our friendship ended over it because she felt I put all our group of friend’s health in danger with my irresponsibility of sharing what I was learning even tho I became healthier at that time. She wholeheartedly believed what she was being taught and because she got the degree in the field they all listened to her. I’ve never been accepted by any of them since. It’s such a shame how powerful that field is in public opinion.

I love what Eddie is doing and while the swearing is funny I sort of wish he’d clean that up because they will use his crassness against him. It will drown out what he is saying. Unfortunately you can’t get the respect you need when the F-word is flying no matter how right you are. I hope he dials that back a bit because his energy and directness is something this world needs.