Egg fast ratio


You can, you’ll definitely drop some fat. You just try to eat nothing but protein and green veggies and keep cals at 800ish or less. Sometimes you feel nothing… sometimes you’re ravenously hungry. I haven’t been able to identify why I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. Some always do. Since I dumped extended fasts for PSMFs Whenever I do them I feel I lose fat faster and I definately don’t loose any muscle mass which I sure as hell did with the normal fasting.

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I had a great deal of success with this. I did it two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday.

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I think I’m gonna try that this week. 2 low cal days. My concern is that once I start eating that’s when the hunger signals turn on and then I feel like the food vacuum can’t stop…I just want more.

Here is what I will say about the egg fast. It worked ultimately but I did feel hungry and had some heart burn…but that’s personal sensitivity. I think it also comes down to the individual and what is more satiating.

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That’s what I was thinking too the A1/A2 argument. Curious how I could truly identify if I am indeed sensitive to A1 milk proteins. You’re good at self tracking/experimenting :slight_smile:

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@Finishingtouches While I’ve done a ton of n=1 tests, only some of them end up with an answer. For instance, resistant starch and l-reuteri probiotic yogurt. These were two tests I did, where I could not tell a benefit.

For something like A/A2 proteins, that is really tough. Some people say that any dairy even cream causes them to gain weight instantly, which I assume is some type of allergy. I don’t get that effect.

Some people say dairy causes them mental issues. I also don’t get this, or if I do, I can’t tell.

I’ve gone without dairy and with dairy, and I can’t tell much difference. If there is a difference, it’s small.

So, for me to test A1/A2, ideally, I’d eat without dairy for say 2 weeks, and count calories and maybe take other data. I’d then have to modify that by adding A2-only dairy, and count calories (do I eat more? less?). I’d then have to do the same, only with A1 dairy (assuming I could determine what is A1 dairy, which would be difficult if not impossible). Each of these would be 1-2 weeks to get any real results for me, since I’m not a hyper-responder. Some people would say you need wash-out periods between each, where you eat “normally”.

As a consequence, I’ve never done this. I’ve tried to see if there are blood markers that indicate dairy is causing “inflammation”, because that would be a better test: no dairy, test blood; dairy, test blood. A1/A2 could fit into here, easily. But no one can tell me inflammatory markers that correlate with dairy. (And, I’d have to keep everything the same as much as possible, since inflammatory markers go up due to any inflammation, such as exercise.)

What I’ve been doing is eating similar meals at lunch (which I control; my wife controls dinners), with and without dairy to see what happens. There MIGHT be a slight stomach upset for certain dairy, but that’s hard to tell. I tend not to actually have dairy enough for a good test. But, I don’t get the hunger people describe, nor do I seem to eat or want to eat more. But this is only a single meal, so it’s tough to say what would happen if I tried a week with it.

Also, you have to realize that I spent decades thinking that fat was bad for me, so I never ate cheese or any dairy really, other than on pizza. Now, if I eat some hard cheese, I don’t want more. I’m done eating.

So, many of my n=1 studies end up like this, where my result is “I don’t know.”

My problem with an egg-only fast is that I would have to force myself to eat them. Eggs by themselves for me don’t taste good. I usually add something to them, salsa typically. And if I’m doing this at work, I can’t really cook them there, so I have to take them precooked and reheat.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #26

The human body has had around two million years to refine the hormonal mechanisms involved. I wonder if your hunger is the result of your body’s actually needing all that food. I remember eating quite a bit of food at the beginning of my keto journey—it was, after all, the quantity I was used to eating—until my insulin dropped enough for that to change. But I have come to the conclusion that my body must have needed all that food in order to repair the damage from decades of excessive carbohydrate intake. Only then did it allow my appetite to drop.

These days, the battle is not with appetite, but with addictive cravings for carbohydrate and sugar, which feel very different from hunger. It was going keto, in fact, that showed me the difference, because I followed Dr. Phinney’s advice to eat to satiety. When the hormonal signals started working properly again (one day in the middle of lunch; it was weird), it became clear what the difference was between eating to satisfy my body and eating to satisfy my emotions.


keep what an egg fast is all about truloy and it is all about kcal control. You eat very very little…thus starving off water weight and triggering more ‘little bit of weight’ to shift. Fast results. No diff. than ‘potatoe hacks’ the JUDDD people use or the ‘fat fasts’ that others ‘use to diet’.

Go back to eating ‘for real on the keto plan’ and you might gain IF YOU aren’t one to continually ‘control kcals so limited and strict ya know’ and the thing is can you maintain this long term? Most can’t. I know I could not when I went thru this.

Tuna fast is just as good as an egg fast LOL Low kcale intake is low intake. Eggs are not special in any way truly to be some magical micro-perfect eating food in that aspect.

Think long term here. While those last stubborn lbs irk the heck out of us how great in your journey have you come and how important is your overall ‘end to losing a lb.’ and thinking long term eating of your plan as in being very stable and one you can do daily for life long now holds weight? More ‘we diet’ longer the more we have opened ourselves up to backsliding cause we feel failure of some sort of not meeting a goal. We know the scale can’t be the final factor :slight_smile: We all need to see that ya know. Been thru this crazy dieting crap in my life and key is to be happy with the big results and leave that ‘last little bit’ of lbs you want gone to your body changing while you eat a normal, great sustainable menu you can do long term.

now that is just how I have thoughts on it :slight_smile: Just typing out stuff to express what what went down for me. I lost it ALL…every damn lb and was SO happy yet I ‘did tricks, fasts, hacks, fat fasts, and more to get there’ for that final little bit and what did it do to me…never gave me a real eating menu for life I could maintain on so I gained most back cause when I could not ‘hack/fast/diet’ anymore I went crazy nutso LOL

So this is not saying this is you at all, all I say is just eat the Keto plan you lost all your weight on and how much better you feel for physical/health, put it longer term in your life as stable and LET the few mini lbs ya want off happen as you change thru your eating :slight_smile:

we are all on different timelines and health changes and more…just think where ya came from and what you need now to lock it all in thru maintainence and be an enjoyable, great, long term eating plan ya love on a daily basis.

Again, might not be you just yet in thoughts, but just choose might resonate with ya on it all :slight_smile: wish you the best.

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This is a very interesting observation! If we think of keto as a metabolic normalization process then it follows that you can’t regain normality when there’s a lot of damage in the way. Repairing the damage requires energy and resources. Initially, those will come mostly from eating. A corollary to this would be that folks who dive straight into attempting to lose weight/fat by restricting not only carbs but also nutrients - face an uphill battle with themselves until they finally achieve consistent ketosis and fat adaptation. Might help to explain a lot of issues a lot of folks encounter when the start keto.


The same. It’s perfect - well if it eventually stops but it does and soon enough if I eat right.
My body needs all the food even without damage I am sure. Some of us simply can’t do low-cal, no matter what, I find this very normal. Me and my SO always needed bigger meals and much food, it’s how we work.
I could do 800 kcal for a meal, it’s a very small meal but with the best food choices it is borderline enough… But I get hungry soon (or later but definitely on the same day). I never tried living on mostly protein though as I am unable to do so. I need fat, preferably high-fat but at least 70-80g (that’s my planned low-fat day before blood plasma donoring in the future. maybe not technically low but low enough. it’s not like I have much chance to go even lower, it will be very challenging already, once a month).

And eggs are very special if you ask me, Fangs :smiley: A little animal comes from them, it is nutritious, tasty and versatile! But not special enough to use them in a fast especially not with a ton of fat, it’s still so weird to me. I can get my protein but I can’t eat enough nutrients and probably stay hungry and definitely not satisfied… It seems all of us here are incompatible with an egg fast, most of us wouldn’t even try it and still, it’s so hyped… Oh well. I love eggs, I can skip any other food for a long time but eggs - but I need something with it. Preferably meat. They are great together.
Why egg fast, why not eggs and meat? Because most people would eat more calories then? If one wants quick fat-loss, fasting sounds better. Only eggs sounds better. Okay okay I try to forget about egg fasts, I never will wrap my head around them.
Each to their own. But it’s advised and hyped…
(But the 90 days diet I fought against in diet forums years ago was highly popular too… I hope it isn’t but I know people. And it’s inane. So, so, so much. It’s good most people do it wrong as it makes it better :))

I know nothing about A1/A2, I simply avoid all dairy right now, I know it lowers my calorie intake as all dairy is very bad at satiation in my case as far as I know. But when I eat them, I keep them low so it doesn’t really matter, I just experiment.
(Another point to eggs and meat vs eggs and fat and optionally cheese. Many people function better or lose fat better without dairy.)

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So unrelated but sort of…but this is why I get annoyed when people say don’t count calories. I used to and still can be a binge eater (only difference now is it’s with keto food), the way I keep this in check is in fact by counting calories as then I know ‘you’ve had enough food, what you are trying to do now is eat more out of boredom etc.’ without this check I would honestly just eat non stop all day telling myself it was a hunger cue…

On your other point. I am starting to see the pattern with dairy. I don’t think I’m necessarily sensitive but I can spot the trend of eating more. Like yesterday I found this amazing sheep ricotta. No sodium, 1g carb and I was like this is A2 let’s try it. So I get home and like a kid with a new toy, I must try my new goodies I found. So…I taste it…ahem then 4 servings later…I was like oh what else should I snack on. I wasn’t even hungry!!!

What is it about dairy! It’s so smooth and creamy and tasty.