Egg Fast Problem


Hello, I’m new to this forum but not nee to Keto. I lost 44 lbs in six month, which I was very happy with (slow loss, but it took me over 50 years to put it on). The last two months have been very slow, only 1 lb a week. I decided to try an egg fast for three days to give me a boost. I did it with 6-8 eggs a day, deviled, egg salad, over easy or scrambled, using a liitle mayo, cheese or butter with each. I had one egg after waking in the am and stooped at 7pm because I go to bed around 10-11:00. I always drink lots of water, generally 48-52 ounces a day. The day after the three day fast, I weighed myself (although I usually only weigh myself once a week) and I had GAINED 8 lbs! I went back to my normal keto diet and gained two more lbs by the end of that week. I’m very frustrated and have no idea what happened. I wasn’t hungary on the egg fast, although it was boring to my taste buds and I was glad to end it. Someone please help me figure this out so I don’t give up on my journey. I have 27 lbs to get to my goal, well, now it’s back up to 37 lbs left to go!


Eggs, Cheese, Mayo, Butter, what you’re doing is not a fast. It’s a highly limited daily diet. 48-52oz is NOT a lot of water, it’s far less than most people would passively drink throughout out day. Are you tracking what you eat so you know where you are nutritionally? Or just eating and guessing. From your description it seems your under eating and barely hydrated, not surprising that your body isn’t letting anything go.


My first thought is that you might be under eating and thereby slowing our metabolism. Can you look up what you typically eat and drink in a day and list amounts, etc.?

I’ve heard of the “egg fast” and there have been posts on here from people who have used it to break their stalls, but I’ve never tried doing that. It appears to cut out all carbs for a few days, and increases fats.

Also, how active are you? How tall? Your current weight? Starting weight? What and how much were you eating before you tried the “egg fast”?

Hope we can help you figure this out.


I am 5’ 8””. I am medium active now becuase of the visur, I still get out and ride my bike when it’s not raining, but not like before this virus. SW 222, CW 185. I am tracking macros, but not religiously, I stay at 15-20 grams of net carbs, 90-100 grams of protein and try to hit 100-120 grams of fat a day. I read a lot about the egg fast before I tried it and followed the guidelines. I listed my water wrong, I drink 3 23.5 oz bottles of water a day, I thought that was the correct calculation. I felt like I was doing well but it slowed to one pound a week, which is why I tried the three day egg fast.


That’s not slow if you only have 27 pounds to lose.

Should be mostly a change in water retention and digestive tract contents. You just don’t gain that much in fat (or muscle) in a few days.


I think a 1lb per week loss is really great going, especially since you have under 30lb to get to your goal. My advice would be to go back to what you were doing before the egg fast and stick with it! :star_struck:

Edit to add: no way was the 8lb ‘gain’ fat weight - probably water retention or something similar and I bet you’ll find it will come off just as quickly as it appeared!


I hope it’s just water retention. I need to get out on my bike more!