Egg Fast Fail

(Bacon is the new bacon) #21

Truer words . . . :sob:

(hottie turned hag) #22

You and I are on one end of the bell curve a bit in that we’re so small (and in my case also sedentary) we really can do well (lose or maintain) on 800 or 1000 cals. I get what you’re saying because I too live it X55 years. Now some days I may have 3000 cal intake but then not eat for 48h or have only 200 next few days so averages out to p low over several days.

We don’t experience metabolic slowdown as another may on such low cals; goes to my statement I just happened to make -post- before seeing this post, about how highly individualized biochemistry is.

(Jennibc) #23

If you are going to restrict calories you can NOT do it everyday or your resting metabolic rate will slow. I think that when we get close to goal, we do need to start paying closer attention to intake vs. just macros - I was sitting about 12-14 pounds above goal for almost 3 months. Started paying closer attention to calories (which of course some people on here condemn but it’s working for me) and am now only 7 pounds above goal about five weeks later. That said, I eat lower calories one day and jump right back up to the roughly 1800 I was eating when I stalled. I wasn’t counting necessarily but that is what my body naturally settled at. So one day 1200-1300 the next day 1800, the following back to 1200-1300 and then 1800 and so on and so on. The hope is that my body won’t then adjust to the lower calorie level.

I’d decided to do that when I went and got my resting metabolic rate tested several weeks ago. It was slow - probably because of the severe calorie restriction I’d done over the years TRYING to drop weight but not being very successful. The woman testing it at the university where I had it done was a nutritionist and recommended I drop to 1100 a day. Nope! Not a chance.

(Cristian Lopez) #24

Just do regular fasting?

(Jennibc) #25

That’s fine if your body can manage it, but the most I can do is about 20 hours without food. I am middle aged and am still recovering from surgery.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #26

There must be some difference between trying to drop calories and feeling full on fewer. I agree if I started intentionally restricting now it would be bad news, but since I’ve always filled up around 1100 max I don’t think that would be a problem.

(traci simpson) #27

I’ve never been able to drop calories and be full.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #28

I worded that soooo badly! I meant to say that it is probably a bad thing to intentionally reduce calories, but, for instance, I have never been a big eater, so my caloric intake would be considered reduced by some, yet for me, it keeps me full. Does that make sense?