Eating the top off of pizza and how to count it in carbmanager?

(cheryl) #1

So, how do you count if you just eat the top off the pizza – per slice? I am looking for what to enter in a or other app?

I never know how to count this?

oh and yes I love Fathead pizza… but when I order with my family… looking for tracking ideas…

Thanks in advance!

(Joey) #2

I can’t directly answer your carb count question … but I believe most pizza sauce has a high fructose/sugar count. Checkout the jar labels on the supermarket shelves (though there are some notable exceptions that are worth considering for home-made pizza).

But I just wanted to give you a high five up for “taking one for the team” when the family wants off-the-rack pizza … and NOT eating the crust, which is often the most tempting part :wink: You’ve combined love of family with self-control. Noteworthy for you to feel good about!

(Meanwhile, try improving upon those fathead pizza recipes until the family can tolerate the change in taste, i.e., lack of sugary sauce).

(cheryl) #3

I’d just make fathead pizza for the kids… but unfortunately, they have nut allergies… :frowning: – I know about the sauce having sugar… but I try to keep my other carbs way down if I know we’re doing that for dinner.


(Joey) #4

A thought: You might try ordering the “white pizza” some outlets make. It’s got an alfredo/garlic sauce that might have less sugar than red tomato sauce. Usually also less toppings to pilfer though (mostly it consists of white sauce on the crust you’re successfully avoiding)… and the kids might not go for it… okay… I think I just talked myself out of this bright idea :thinking:

(Jane) #5

Always tough to figure restaurant food.

Do they publish nutrition information? carbs per slice?

I looked up a 14" thin crust pizza crust and for the whole thing it is 160 carbs. If cut into 8 slices it would be 20 carbs per slice. You could subtract 20 carbs from their information and get an estimate.