Eating cheaply on carnivore

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The problem with high-carb eating is that insulin blocks the leptin receptors in the ventro-medial hypothalamus. The leptin is secreted by adipose tissue when we are replete with enough fat to keep us going for a while.

The inhibition of leptin signaling makes sense when you think of a bear preparing for hibernation. It would be most unhelpful for the bear to get full on berries and stop eating, so the mechanism evolved to keep the bear hungry and stuffing the carbs into its fat cells for storage, until the fat is needed during the winter. We apparently have a version of that same mechanism, so that we too can put on fat in preparation for the winter.


I well remember eating pasta to the point where my stomach was literally (not figuratively) at the bursting point and still being hungry. (Just “wan more waffer-theen mint” anyone?) On keto/carnivore, I stop being hungry at a point where my stomach is no more than half-full. It’s the difference between “Boy, am I stuffed!” and “I’ve had enough, thanks.”

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I rarely did. It was amazing how much junk I could eat even after I was full. My grazing knew no boundaries.
Carnivore changed all of that.


But that’s the “satiated full” feeling (or some time was involved). Stomach fullness makes eating pretty much impossible without pain (extreme binge brings people beyond that but that’s quite unhealthy and hopefully rare). Not like it lasts for long (unless one can do it with not super watery food. I can’t) so yes, one can continue eating a tad later…
Actually, that’s why stomach fullness isn’t very useful on a fat-loss diet. It lasts but a tiny time, it doesn’t make me stop being hungry… But I suppose some people function differently…? As why would they fill themselves with low-carb stuff… I don’t even use the word “filling” as it means nothing to me. It’s satiating or not. But many other people clearly have other experiences.

I could eat a ton of carby food (not junk, just carby food. or maybe fat but when did I eat fat alone…?) after satiation (with plenty of room in my stomach), sure. And I could starve with a stuffed stomach. I don’t need much carbs for it, it’s possible on keto too… It merely takes consuming 2 liter something with a low calorie density in my case. Once I was curious and ate a tablespoon of salt at lunch. As this amount requires 2 liters of water for me to feel balanced, I managed to get full - while I was still very hungry… The 15 minutes I had to wait until my stomach got emptier wasn’t fun but actually, a full stomach is already horrible. I never liked to be full anyway… Just nicely satiated. Not too little, not too much.
(I don’t remember writing about this last time, I hope I am right.)

Carbs are a problem for many of us because they keep us from getting satiated with a normal amount of food. My stomach reached its total capacity only a handful of times in my whole life, it’s not really a concern but even with a half or quarter full stomach (compared to the total capacity, surely it is smaller then but I have no idea its minimum capacity), I may risk overeating (if not in one meal, with multiple meals per day) while being hungry. I had quite overeating, very hungry days on high-carb sometimes (I mean, I was hungry until I ate enough, I haven’t left myself hungry). I am sure I could do it on carnivore but I would need to want it and plan accordingly… Massively overeating fatty meat is easy (at least sometimes. I only did it accidentally and then I did my best to avoid it) but I am quite satiated there… :slight_smile: I just can eat a lot over satiation using certain items and timing. I am sure some people reach satiation and lose the ability to eat anymore… I am not like that though using the right diet, I feel a very strong inclination to stop eating after I had enough. Eating makes little sense anymore, I lose interest. And why mess with perfection?
But carbs makes the chance for this lovely state really low. Stupid carbs, causing various problems. But I am smarter than them and tend to avoid them so it’s fine. :slight_smile:


DG sells meat? Or is that what I’m seeing with those newer ones going up called DG Market?

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Yes to both. Some of the stores are corporate and some are franchise, but I’ve seen most of the basics- including ground beef- at most stores in the freezer. ETA It is kind of what prompted me do this since DGs are everywhere, but the cost is so much higher that it would be less expensive to do curbside once a month at a larger store and use Uber to pick up.

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What do you mean? It’s only 63¢ an ounce! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(When I lived near one, I would always have my phone with me, so I could multiply everything by 16 and get the price per pound.)

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OK, here’s my carni buy of the week… pork leg roast at Woolworths (Australia) was originally A$12/kg, and today reduced to A$7/kg = US$2.20/lb. In addition, I belong to WW customer extra rewards program, and I get 10% off 1 shop per month, so that turns these into A$6.30/kg = US$2/lb, nearly half price.

Now, for us over here in Aus, this is CHEAP, I mean really cheap. I love cheap. :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging: These joints are now cooling in the freezer.

Look at all that lovely pork fat… Numnumnum… I reckon I would eat about half of one of these in a decent meal (about 1kg of meat), so that comes to about A$6 for a BIG porky meal. That’s value!

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Your pork has marbling? The only place I’ve seen that in the US is in my grandma’s Fanny Farmer cookbook from the 1920s, which had a few photos.

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I don’t remember it having visible marbling… not in the sense of what you’d see in a nice marbled steak. But if I remember when I cook one of these, I will take some pics and post them so you can see the “marbling”. I think they are being a bit over descriptive.


I can do the same when green ham goes on a sale (somewhat rare as it’s already cheap since the years when it had a price cap)! :slight_smile: Except I can’t eat 1kg lean meat. Or any kind of meat in one sitting and it’s good as I don’t need that much.

Pork chuck often has marbling (not like a very marbled steak but probably nothing else have that), I sooo love that. I never saw that in any other pork cut.
Because yes, a thoroughly roasted/fried fat cap can be nice too, pork shoulder is fatty even where no visible fat can be found, IDK how it does it… But I strongly prefer when the meat are mixed it those smaller but still not minimal fat “veins”… No wonder pork chuck (pricier meat in my world but just a bit!) is my absolute favorite. The taste is great too. And the fat content suits me well. So that is my fav food item, hands down.

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Pork chuck in the US does not have marbling. I taught a meat cutting class for 12 years, so I’ve seen a lot of pork.

I was in your neighborhood (sort of) a year ago. Clearly I should have eaten more pork.

Subway friend in Budapest.