Dry pork chops!


(Marianne) #21

We love pork more than beef. Gotta use a meat thermometer and only cook it to temp. (145). Try the pork steaks - cheapest cut there is and has the most fat. I sear them on high heat (again, watching internal temp.), and the fat cooks nicely and is very delicious.

(Todd Chester) #22

They come flying out at 145F!

The only access I have to decent pork is the Crate Free stuff from Trader Joe’s: chops, bone in and out, ground, and lions. I use to like Pork Shoulder, but can’t find Crate Free of that either.

The other stuff I can smell the stock yard. YUM Food that smells like PORK POOP!!!

What could I/you do with the lions?


It was a lovely slow fast.

(Marianne) #24

Do you mean tenderloin? I don’t buy it because it has no fat and is very unforgiving. If I were to cook it, I’d google the temperature so as not to overcook and serve it in some bacon grease or added fat.

(Todd Chester) #25

Yes. And thank you for the heads up. I have always been curious. You save me from myself!

(Marianne) #26


It’s a matter of preference; they aren’t that expensive, so maybe try it once to see if you like it. I will say, they are extremely tender and delicious - the key is not to overcook. I think I would slice them into 1.5" medallions and just watch carefully.

Good luck!


Start with a cold chop from the fridge in a cold non-stick pan. Set to medium heat. Don’t touch the chop for 2 minutes then turn or flip. After 1 minute, flip again. After another minute, flip. Continue at this rate until both sides are browned. You should have a perfectly cooked juicy chop. High heat and overcooking will dry the chop quickly. I buy cheaper chops with fat, bone in, boneless, and thick chops. It works with all of 'em.

(Todd Chester) #28

Bikenstein! Dude! That did the trick. The wife flipped over them! THANK YOU!


You’re welcome.