(KM) #1

Just curious about food dreams or dreams relating to keto. Have you had any?

I’ve had a very strange one several times lately in which I walk through a place where everyone is fat (I mean very, very large) except me, and there are odd things for sale - last night it was a large box square box of some sort of cookie - oatmeal, maybe? - that cheerfully promised in bold letters to add 8 pounds to your weight.

It’s nothing I want to eat, not a craving dream. The whole tone of is is … confusion. Maybe about social uncertainty? Like, if everyone else is now delighting in being overweight and pursuing that goal, am I even more of an outcast than I thought? :rofl:


It’s odd because I think way too much about food but my dreams are almost never about them. But I do have one here and there. I never enjoy the food in my dreams so it’s so pointless. Sometimes I eat carbs in my dreams (and get no joy from it) when I am very happy with my carni fare those days, what is the sense in that?

Wow, your dream is more interesting, I never had something like that.

(KM) #3

Thank you, ha ha. It almost sounds like the premise for a heavy handed art film, doesn’t it? The Day The Girth Stood Still.


It did sound like a dystopian movie plot. Lolol

I’ve never dreamt about food. I do dream about houses and the rooms within quite often. I’m never aware of eating or even what I’m wearing. Usually it’s me passing from room to room, sometimes with immense trepidation.

(KM) #5

One of my favorite dreams. In mine there is always a house I own or one I’m buying. And I discover an extra room that I didn’t know was there. And it just gets bigger and more complicated and you can go down secret stairs and get to a whole nother level with a ballroom and well who knew there was an atrium and a petting zoo upstairs… :grin:


Oh that’s so nice… I rarely dream about a house I actually live in (even just in the dream) but when I do, someone wants to come in and attack me… Normally I walk (or run) somewhere…
And sometimes I am 2 different persons, that is interesting (and only happened once).

I never taste in my dream, maybe that’s why food is rare there. I am a very visual type, feelings are important for me too and I get those in my dreams. No taste, no smell but lots of colors (not very apparently, I only remembered very vivid colors after I have heard most people dream in grayscale. my next dream had a chest full with very pretty colorful gems).

But I almost never remember my dreams (and couldn’t trigger lucid dreaming :frowning: ). I still do it sometimes and I lived for decades so I still have some list to think about. And it seems to happen more often lately.

Me neither except when I am naked. It happens sometimes. I do notice that. But clothes aren’t particularly important for me so I barely have some idea about them when I am awake. Maybe that affects my dreams too, it would make sense.

And I never had the famous toilet dreams. I do have bathroom and even more normal toilet dreams but not the type people talk about. Maybe because these needs are turned off when I am asleep? Something people rarely have, apparently.

I just wish my dreams would be prettier and more interesting. It’s my brain, couldn’t it conjure something great and inspiring?

(Geoffrey) #7

I’ve had a couple of food dreams lately. As of right now I can’t remember what they were about exactly but I do remember when I woke up thinking “why would I be dreaming about eating something that I would never eat in real life?”


Haven’t had a food dream since going keto @7 yrs. ago.

Used to have them fairly often. I would be opening a fridge with foods that I was trying to avoid on whatever diet I was doing. A few food fight dreams, and other weird stuff like that. Glad to be rid of them.

(KM) #9

My naked dreams are always weird. I am aware that I’m naked but not that this is strange. I’m just cheerfully wandering around with my parts hanging out while everyone else is clothed. And then I slowly come to the uncomfortable realization that this is not right. Like … If you had cool pajama bottoms you decided to wear as pants and then felt stupid about it later. Not mortified like I’d expect, more just embarrassed I forgot I was supposed to wear clothes.

It’s almost like a precursor to dementia, like I can’t remember what normal is. I find that dream scary.

(KM) #10

I’m not sure if I dream in color or it’s more like … I know what the story line is so I remember it in color? My box of oatmeal cookies was blue with a big yellow cartoon sunburst in the corner advertising the promised gain, but I think I just saw a YouTube post with that picture / colors - sans advert, of course.

(KM) #11

I have dreams like that but I’m paralyzed. I want to run but I’m frozen, I want to scream but can’t make a sound, I try to hit back and it’s like I have the strength of a baby.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #12

No, not that I woke up remembering, anyway.

AAARGH!! (:+1:)