Draft post possible?

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Is it possible to create a draft post and come back later to finish it and post it?



I usually use an external program to compose long posts. Sometimes I notice that if I start a reply but don’t finish it, it will still be there later even between devices. Whether you can rely on this for very long… I don’t know.
Maybe just create a short post and come back to edit it later? Unless that would go unnoticed.

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If you start a post and do not hit the ‘Reply’ button, it is saved as a draft. You may have noticed that while you are composing a post, it gets saved from time to time. You can then come back to it later. You can view your drafts in your Profile under the Activity tab, then select the menu item Drafts. To continue editing simply select the desired draft. It will remain a draft until you hit the ‘Reply’ button or delete it by hitting the ‘cancel’ button. You can also delete a draft by selecting the Remove button.

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@amwassil You’re a godsend! I have retyped multiple posts because my draft was lost (I thought :rage:). You just saved me from a ton of cortisol spikes! :cowboy_hat_face:


NICE! I didn’t know this. :+1:

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thanks so much - woot!!!