Dr. Tim Noakes REALLY does not like Ancel Keys

(PJ) #21

{ Other keto folks slinking away wide-eyed at that conspiracy nut PJ :rofl: }

(Alec) #22

If you are a conspiracy nut, then so am I. I think you have got it about right. Is it a conspiracy? On balance, I think it is. It is the only way I can rationalise what has happened and what continues to happen.

Big pharma is the new tobacco industry. They are very smart, and they make billions from people being sick. They are very good at what they do.

(PJ) #23

Yeah… you’re right. Because on the other hand, what amounts to “just business” is, in fact, an intentional conspiracy – always! – to group together, reduce competitor power, and increase profit. We don’t call it conspiracy when it’s business, organizations, etc. Only when government gets involved. Quite the irony that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was invented and promoted by the CIA, specifically to discredit people who were suspicious about things that – in some black humor – the CIA was actually doing.

Had government not gotten involved in nutrition in the 1970s it would be different. The woman who led the original ‘nutritional recommendations’ told Denise Minger, when interviewed, that this was not what the science said at all, but that the nutritional guidelines were provided as they were because the government had to pay for food – for welfare, for military, for elderly and so on – and it was cheaper to focus on grains/agri than animal products. (She did not mention, but is also a huge consideration, that the USDA exists to sell grains/produce – internationally, as well. It’s hard to sell it when you’re also saying “also, it wrecks your health.”)

Because they could not begin to use science as an excuse for the recommendations, and this got more obvious all the time, they shifted and now they don’t say that this is science, but rather, they have a ‘committee’ who writes the guidelines ‘based on’ – loosely to the point of completely disattached – science. They aren’t hardly even pretending anymore!