Dr Saladino has done the keto community a service


I’m not a big fan of Dr. Paul Saladino MD. We have approached nutritional ketosis from different perspectives. Thus our perspectives differ. I can relate better to the 2-KetoDudes in ketogenic eating origins (and also in laconic delivery, rather than the breathless earnestness of Dr. Paul).

Dr. Saladino is an entrepreneur and feeds financially off the interest that a growing population of health seekers have for trying the low carb healthy fads way of eating. One of those healthy fads is and was the carnivore way of eating. Dr. Saladino set himself up as a champion of carnivore eating. For a while.

It’s the changes he has experienced and how he has adapted to what he learns that I find most interesting.

He does make some interesting discussion points on post-meal blood glucose (insulin), and electrolyte changes in longer term ketosis (1 to 2 years) including the possible down side to constantly low insulin and it’s long term effect on sodium. Some wags might label the second point a “danger” of ketosis, if one was grabbing at clicks and headlines. I think the electrolyte nuance is important, at least to be aware of, if people settle in to years in ketosis.

My own observation is that blood ketones (the measure) readjust to a low level (<0.5mmol/L), over time, quite naturally on a ketogenic way of eating. But that doesn’t tell me too much about constantly keeping circulating insulin low.

For full context here is the podcast episode

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It’s tough to know how to respond when experts make best guesses well in advance of the data. I well remember a lecture by Dr. Ron Rosedale, warning of the dangers of activating mTOR and the need to minimise protein intake.

Well, the picture of mTOR and its effects has been greatly refined since he gave that lecture, and the concern has now shifted from avoiding getting too much protein to avoiding getting too little. I suspect that the “long-term effects of low insulin” is a similar issue and that Dr. Saladino’s concerns will look as quaint as Dr. Rosedale’s in a few years.


My thoughts as well.

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In fact, my ketones are very low; I stopped taking them because they were 0.1-0.2 every morning (got higher at night or if I fasted > 24 hours). But my fasting insulin is still somewhat “high”, depending on what you think is “high”. Mine are normally around 10, last time I checked. That’s “high” for many of these “experts”. I’d need an insulin meter to get a better idea as to what is going on with insulin.

As for sodium/magnesium/potassium, it’s unclear to me. I go through phases. Right now, I’m adding more salt back into my diet, and taking some magnesium, as I had some cramps a week or so ago. But I was also working a lot on my house, which can cause cramps too. It’s been a challenge to figure out what’s the culprit.


the guy did fine on carnivore and got healthier
then he is ‘one who can’ backtrack some into honey and now adding alot of fruit and ‘eating his way’ ya know and it works for him.
you are right…all about the dieting internet hound dog of money for him and what it takes for HIM but also says to others, come with me and learn from me and IF THAT person ain’t him, ya know, what good is any of it.

some things is all about the money.

well damn if most isn’t on those out there doing this crap for a living as extra money in pocket and extra ‘ways’ to hit masses and earn more vs. what is truth but hey, if ‘they can do’ it, so can you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



so over it all ya know