Don't let people tell you keto doesn't "Fix" things!


We hear it a lot, that like Diabetes (so we used to think) that keto just “manages” stuff and doesn’t actually FIX things, I disagee! 4 yrs keto, 1 year now playing with a lot of stuff to see what happens and what I can now get away with vs before. Long story short it started with Protein going way up for the last year which has been a huge sucess and the last 6mo the carbs are higher than they’ve been in a long time. My average the last 6 months is around 150-175g/day Which is still low carb but cleary not even close to keto anymore. Haven’t packed on any fat, haven’t had carb hangovers, have LOST more fat in the last 6mo than I have in the last 2 yrs or so, and my last A1C’s are 4.1 and 4.3! I’d say that means I’m FIXED! Not managed.

I almost even considered giving myself a GTT and seeing how long to return to baseline… but that seemed like I’d just be spitting in my bodies face. I’ll quit while I’m ahead!

(Bob M) #2

If you do get a GTT, get it with insulin. Otherwise, it’s useless.

Nice results, though.


You definitely put the work in, experimented, and got amazing results. Congratulations! Well earned sir!


I’m gonna have to bribe the lab to test me at the exact time I need… I’m in there enough, was gonna get a CMP done next weekend, I’ll start working on it!

(Jane) #5

Would love to get a Kraft test. I had my fasting insulin and glucose measured back in 2018 after being on keto about 6 months and my insulin was 4.6, glucose 83 which gave me a HOMA-IR of 0.09, which is good. Had my A1c measureed also since my current PCP does not order it since I am not diabetic - was 5.2. I saw as high as 5.8 over 10 years ago so was pre-diabetic and my doc never mentioned it.


With few exceptions, I gave up on using my PCP for anything. I just go to the lab and tell them to drain me, here’s my list!