Doing Better Without Sweeteners

(Amy) #1

I started keto a couple of days ago. When I started I was still drinking diet soda. I was finding that I was having a problem with being hungry all the time. Then today I cut the soda out and I have noticed a huge difference. Once I have drank my daily requirement of just water. I allow myself to make soda water with my SodaStream. SodaStream makes natural flavour essences that are sugar and sweenter free and give the soda a little flavor.

(Janelle) #2

I allow myself sweetener in my morning coffee but I’ve cut out soda entirely. I think it just makes sense. I love bubbly-type flavored water.


Funny, the only two things I really cut out to switch over to a Keto WOE/WOL, was the occasional Coke Zero and I did use Equal in both Coffee and Tea. (A single pack in each cup) … Other than this, I was actually doing just about what’s needed, so switching over to LCHF was quite easy for me. - I’ve been asked if I miss them, but I actually don’t. I’ve always been the type that if I want to cut something out, I just do it. I can always find something else better if needed, or just do without. … Still drink Coffee/Tea, just plain now. :slight_smile: