Dogs and Keto

(UsedToBeT2D) #1

My 5 yo beagle suffers from epileptic seizures. The vet put her on phenobarbital about a year ago, And I haven’t noticed much improvement on the somewhat infrequent seizures. I read a study that Keto diet improves this condition and that the phenobarbital drug can contribute to liver damage. I’ve decided to stop the drug therapy, and go Keto with the dog. I add about a tablespoon of MCT oil to her mostly fresh meat diet.
Any experience with this?

(Old Baconian) #2

Human beings are the only mammals that get easily into ketosis. In dogs, ketosis doesn’t occur except in starvation. That is not to say, however, that MCT oil won’t help your dog. Give it a try. It can’t hurt, and might just help.

The therapeutic ketogenic diet for epilepsy was originally extremely high in fat and very low in protein (so low, in fact that it stunted some kids’ growth), but recent data suggest that a more normal ratio of protein to fat will still prevent seizures.

So you will have to experiment to see how much MCT oil to give your dog. I wonder, moreover, if moving to a raw meat diet might not help, as well, since it would eliminate carbs from the diet and might help lower your dog’s insulin level, which can’t hurt, whether it helps or not with the seizures.

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By fresh meat, I mean cooked chicken, chicken livers, beef liver, and other cooked organ meats. She does not seem to like raw meat. And I am afraid of bacteria in giving her raw meat.

(Old Baconian) #4

I only mentioned it, because I used to know several people who felt their dogs were much healthier on a raw diet. But by all means, do whatever works.


yea we just went thru this…near on 12 yr old Papillion and last year the seizures hit for the first time. omg what a nasty situation.

he is on pheno and levechthrian)spell? and once on the levechit stuff he went to 1 seizure every 5 weeks. Way down from what he was just on pheno…then I put him on Demarian for liver support recommended by the vet.

My dog is carnivore only since birth actually :slight_smile: so not sure on the keto thing. did have him on some good dry vet food for a bit and used sparingly but the darn dog ate meat every day with me :slight_smile: but now he is 100 carnivore only and make sure none of anything else is included. He does best just on pure meat.

the I found out he had to go on thyroid pills too…I tell ya…but in the end thru all the crazy and alot of bloodwork all his liver function and numbers are way improving.

those seizures are super nasty and I am finally glad we got him in better control now.

Wishing you the best!!

(Robin) #6

Poor doggo! You don’t by any chance use oral flea/tick meds, do you? Our little guy, Paul, had seizures from that. It’s not uncommon. Good luck!

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

Yes, I give her the oral meds for flea/tick once per month. I wonder.

(Robin) #8

For sure, look into it. It could be an easy fix. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

(UsedToBeT2D) #9

Thank you. That never occurred to me, perhaps the cure is worse than the disease.

(Robin) #10

Our guy does fine now with the topical treatment. Fingers crossed!


yes I use topical. Advantage Plus I think. darn stuff is SO expensive, omg LOL but darn ya do need it for them. but it is flea and heartworm combo so