Dog diet and whole grains?

(ianrobo) #1

As @richard will confirm with his example dogs are naturally Keto, my own one is only given meat with occasional treats and chews. However look at this

and how sick does it make you to see this ?? FFS whole grains for dogs …

(Jacquie) #2

As soon as I saw the name Purina, I knew it was bad news. :frowning:

(ianrobo) #3

yep as the reason they got so bloody fat in the first place was all the crap that this company and others churns out for dogs and cats.


I feel so guilty for spending years not really reading the labels on the cat food I was buying. My cats now eat food that is free of grains and at least closer to the macros cats would eat in the wild.

(ianrobo) #5

and that is the best way, don;t need science to know the domestic dog cousins in the wild, foxes, wolves etc are all meat eaters and scavengers. For cats look at lions and tigers, last thing these breeds need are carbs.

(ianrobo) #6

we even tell owners for dogs to eat three times a day etc, no they eat when they should want to … ours does always at 9PM !

(Jodi) #7

Switched my pup to raw (last dog was raw too), and working on transitioning my 3 cats. One is totally on board, the other two are slower.

(Carol Hawkins) #8

I switched our dogs to grain free dog food, and they’re much more regular (and HUGE bonus - cut way down on the smelly dog farts). Also changed the cat food

(ianrobo) #9

should use this as an argument for humans of course


I would like to publicly apologize to my cat for feeding him crap like that his whole life. I’m sorry buddy. Miss you. :heart:

(Christine J) #11

My dogs are raw and my cats eat eggs, voles, squirrels and moles. They also steal cheese and bacon. Lol. Yea dog food is crap in a lot of cases and you have to really watch what you are feeding them. Your vet bills will thank you!