Does anyone else have trouble with the "Back" button on this site?

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It’s just a minor irritation, but I sometimes get a little frustrated at using the “Back” button at this website. I don’t seem to have any trouble with it in other places but for some reason, I do here.

I will read through the list of new posts and then click on one I’m interested in to take me to that thread. Then, when I’m done reading there, I’ll click the Back button and go back to the list in search of the next topic.

I have noticed that it doesn’t matter whether I click the Back button on my mouse or whether I move the little pointer over into the Back button of the browser, the result is the same. Sometimes, it will go back on the first click. Sometimes I will click on Back and it just sits there, no response. I’ve had to click as many as 3 or 4 times in order for the page to actually go back, not always, but often enough that I never really know how many times I’ll have to click to go back.

I’m using Firefox for my browser if that matters.

It’s minor, I know. But I wondered if I’m the only one who notices this. Maybe there is a quick fix. (?) Or maybe it’s just a “live with it” thing. (?)

Anyway, was curious…

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Nah, these things add up. Using MS Edge will knock you entirely out of your history browsing queue, but that’s MS. My FF on Win10 works fine, as it does on Mac, so I’m not seeing what you see. Do you see this with Chrome on your device?

Perhaps it’s time to refresh your FF? It’s radical but this procedure has helped me, many times.

p.s., seeing “bellyman” always cracks me up.

(Brian) #3

Thanks, Screenack,

I’ll give the refresh thing a try and see if that helps.

(I’m on FF but Win 8.1, laptop. I should have probably said.)

I should probably get a new handle as this one doesn’t fit like it used to. Most probably think it has something to do with -my- belly, which, at one time, I did have a pretty big one. Not really so anymore.

But… I used to do piano work, pretty extensive stuff. Working in a rebuilding shop and then having one of my own was something I really enjoyed before life took me in other directions (mostly Hurricane Katrina, long story…). I especially liked making new soundboards and bridges and pinblocks and the restringing afterward. The person who does that work in a piano factor is a “bellyman”. They build the “belly” of the piano. And that’s the actual origin of the handle.

I haven’t done that kind of work for close to 15 years now. But just this year, I finally have a garage again and still have most of my woodworking tools. So, who knows if I’ll get into some of those kinds of projects again. Right now, I think I’d rather build a few nice pieces of furniture but if I should happen to find a nice grand piano that needs like everything, maybe…

Thanks again for the reply!

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P.S. Refreshing FF didn’t seem to help with the back button issue here. It’s still kinda wonky. But it may still be a good thing. :slight_smile:

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I did this literally two days ago. It’s a such a good thing.

(Brian) #6

Guess it’s just something here. Still don’t know exactly why the multiple clicks seem to be necessary to move back, usually either two or three.

Thanks for the feedback!