Doctor in Brisbane, Queensland Australia

(April Siokos) #1


I’m looking for a doctor in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, who’s Keto. I just moved here and had to go to the doctor for some tests and apparently my cholesterol is high. My doctor is quite large himself but scoffed at the Keto diet and refused to do further testing for me.

Thanks everyone,


(Paulene ) #2

Me too!
Went to a non-keto GP in Kelvin Grove last week to get antibiotics for my persistent keto rash and had to go through the whole keto story. She then charged me a double consult and sent me to get the whole shebang of blood tests.
Blood tests are back on Monday I hope they are good, as I really dont want a lecture.


(Paulene ) #4

Thanks @FrankoBear - there’s one close to me. I’ll use her next time.

(April Siokos) #5

Thank-you so much :slight_smile: