Diverticulitis flare - investigating Carnivore


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Yes, my apologies. I was referring to salads being evil. I had replied to Robin’s text. I should have included the quote. :pensive:


Thanks for clarifying @VirginiaEdie. Have you found a different way to combat Diverticulitis? Especially the acute phase? From my own experience, raw vegetables (and fruit except I don’t eat them) put me in hospital. So I have no issue with salads being labelled evil for some people.


remember what Divert. is actually. It is severe inflammation of the wall lining of the intenstines and of course ‘more info’ but I am focusing on #1 issue here.

That inflammation to start the worse of it all.

Inflammation can easily be any food that your body is sending allergric reactions to your gut area from intake, then we got the gut flora all screwed up from the icky foods that don’t work for your body… Inflammation is the issue cause that inflammation starts the process of ‘making inflamed pockets’ in that pocket and when ANY food is caught in those pockets, oh boy you got the makings for some very serious issues with the guts.

So if we backtrack and do an elimination menu plan like Zero Carb we can then ‘add back’ after…but when we go carnivore to ‘fix us’ it takes TIME to get results. One has to say I am all in with eliminating all foods and go carnivore then it must take time for the body to change, heal, realign hormones, let the body detox off the other foods and this ‘repair takes more’ time than one would think but for each of us, it can be faster or longer, so it becomes very personal.

SO IF ONE goes elimination menu and gets great results with time on this plan, and cuts that darn inflammation hitting their guts, THEN they can try backtracking. Slowly eating whatever they feel would suit them and then it is all about the guts ya know. You eat it and wait and see, ya did ok? If you did you might wait a bit to ‘see if the guts get inflamed’ thru time on that food and if you feel off…but I have to say darn on it all cause it is a very very slow step to go backward in adding anything to see those effects but as one knows, your suffering thru this issue on this medical level is what drives a person to find changes and work fixes and it all takes time.

OK just a chat on it all. Pain with this issue is very real and tough, not a doubt about that. But the ‘fixing of it all’ will never be fast or furious, but if one does an elimination menu like carnivore one can start the healing of eliminating what inflammation foods are hitting your guts to start with…and in the end, thru time to ‘see you in food truths’ will come into play.

Any food NOT digested easily will hit into those inflamed pockets and then cause more bacteria etc and then you get infected and those pockets infected can cause a world of nasty hurt! So meat, seafood, fish and fowl almost never ‘goes thru the guts’ wtih leftover material chunks, like veggies do, so your meat from carnivore will not ‘settle into those’ pockets the way an indigestible fiber from say broccoli could easily settle into those inflamed pockets. So that start is a good thing focusing on carnivore as we know meat is more fully digested easily vs. all that wonderful insoluable fiber that won’t break down the ‘chunk down the intestines’ to just lodge in inflamed area pockets.

OK I did alot of research within reason :slight_smile: on Divert. cause hubby has it and he is still a SAD eater but thru the years he has become ‘a tad more LC’ in is eating cause of me being SO extreme being ZC so he does control of a tad more of his food intake and it really has helped him in the guts.

But I get your misery from it. It is a very tough issue with painful gut issues daily :frowning:

So again, this is JUST a chat on what happens, what kinda is going on and there are no quick fixes but darn you got a path forward to handle that inflammation in your gut area for sure. There is a path forward but it could be longer for you then some others on healing :slight_smile:

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Fortunately, I don’t have gut issues, but I do have joint issues. That is why I’m following a carnivore diet. It does seem to help. I have to admit, I am not a perfect carnivore, but once the holidays are over I’ll be committing to strict carnivore to see if the rest of the joint problems go away.


@Fangs Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what you have found. I saw the surgeon yesterday and we have agreed to meet in February to discuss options. I also saw the dietician here who has told me to go low fibre for a month then have the colonoscopy my Gastroenterologist recommended to check if the colon has healed from this current attack. So that fits in well. I will do the low fibre a step up by going zero fibre which is also zero carb but have to wait until I am out of hospital to go fully zero fibre as that is not a meal option here. Hopefully I will get to go home in a few days. Inflammation is reducing, bit slower than hoped for but things are obviously healing.
So I am now hoping that going zero fibre / carb for a month will improve things enough to have the confidence to “win time” and by the time I have my appointment with the surgeon, that the colonoscopy will show sufficient healing to postpone any decisions. That will mean I can then extend the period without risk of anything nasty happening in the meantime. The issue at the moment being that I was extremely close to perforating the colon this time round and if that happens then surgery will be the only option and it will be emergency surgery which is much nastier than anything planned. So … I am researching into carnivore / zero fibre / zero carb so that I can reverse this and avoid surgery in the future. Thanks to everyone here for your advice.

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Something to add to the discussion: As. Dr. Phinney points out, the big benefit to the intestinal lining from eating fibre is supposed to be the butyrate produced by the bacteria that digest it for us. Dr. Phinney goes on to say that if people are right about that, then in addition to all its other benefits, the β-hydroxybutyrate from eating a ketogenic diet will also have the same beneficial effect on the intestinal wall, without the need for large quantities of fibre in the diet.


Thanks @PaulL . I have been on Keto since May 2019 but I have been eating a fair amount of low carb vegetables which are not necessarily very low in fibre. Have only just found out that Cauliflower is not kind to the Colon and I use it in many meals.
So i think the zero fibre approach for a while to increase healing is the only way forward right now. And as others have suggested, then slowly introduce other foods to find out what I can tolerate, if necessary.


@VirginiaEdie How long have you been on the carnivore diet? I started Keto in earnest in May 2019 and am in remission for diabetes and an Autoimmune disease. I am no stranger to inflammation so I am interested in all the health benefits of zero carb or carnivore. Many issues seem to have resolved themselves with just this remaining diverticulitis nightmare. Hopefully cutting out all fibre will deal with this once I am out of hospital. Thanks for your support.


yes I am sure IF one can get the veggies that are inflaming their bodies to suit them and heal thru menu to get ‘better gut issues’ repairing then ALL that extra is all a good thing.

ALOT of steps to ‘even out some people’ ya know.

I think the fiber one might eat on Keto if it is a veg fiber that doesn’t inflame their personal bodies works wonders but there are just tons of what ifs, where as we know so many heal thru a Keto approach easily and thru experimenting foods, but darn nothing like a zc menu to eliminate it all fast to promote healing and more faster when one is truly combating a misery medical issue.

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I suffer with diverticulitis and have found that when I eliminate salad and veggies is when I get sick…go figure…


@Lisagale guess we are all different. I definitely struggle with more fibre. Just a matter of testing it out. Seem to be quite a lot of people who do very well on zero fibre. In the end you can only do what works for you.

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Yep, I think there are many like you. And many with the opposite issue. Go figure, is right!