Distance Running on Keto

(Jeremy Wheatley) #82

I’m the same way… I do all my runs on an empty stomach also. And typically don’t even need water unless I’m running more then 26 miles even when I was a carb eater I did this in order to avoid Gi issues while running.

(Teri) #83

I haven’t ran the distances that many of the runners above have, but I ran before starting keto, and had terrible times. It wasn’t until finally becoming fat adapted (about 6 weeks in) that I started to notice I could go longer and faster and saw my averages (I track my runs) improve almost overnight. It’s like I would forget that I was even running. And now I’m able to focus on improving my times and distance rather than just focus on making it through my run. Initially I ran a 5K every day but now I do 5 miles a day with no exceptions (unless it’s absolutely terrible weather as I run outside - but I’ll run in light rain), and a 10K once a week and push to top last week’s time. I am not necessarily training for a half marathon, although I’d like to.
Keto completely changed my running and gives me the ability to push through runs when I do feel tired, or am maybe running on less sleep. Side note - I don’t need as much sleep as I once did, which is something else I noticed after starting.
Also, I do my runs first thing in the morning, straight out of bed. But it’s just my preference to be running while getting to watch the sunrise. Also I live in SoCal so that helps combat the heat for a lot of the year. Running in the cold morning air seems to make a difference for me.

(Mark Cafiero) #84

This has been my experience, exactly! First few miles I always feel tired. Then as I continue, I start feeling better and better and after the run, not hungry at all! I run 13 miles every Sun and this is my experience each time. Running an actual half marathon this weekend. So we’ll see how that goes.

(Melissa R. Knive) #85

I will be doing a combination of “Barefoot Running” along with my fat-burning Ketonian status for the #Calgary #Marathon on 26th May, 2019! So far, I’m only training in the fasted state and it’s going really well! I’m using Vibram 5-Fingers at the gym (shoes required for “health” reasons that I only partially believe in, but I’m a rule follower most of the time) and my style of #running has completely changed! When you listen to your body, there’s almost a decrease in gravity feeling as you run like a child who hasn’t been programmed to think that running is painful and you need cushions on your feet in order to do it! I’ll let you know my progress but I’m also @Meliecetera on Twitter and everywhere else, so you can find my training updates if you’re interested. BTW, I’m loving pickles for the #electrolytes after a workout! Also enjoying pumpkin butter in my homemade vinaigrettes for my post-workout salads!

(Allan Misner) #86

I have to remind you that our ancestors would never have run 26+ miles in a day (especially on concrete). It is cool to improve your running style, not cool to injure yourself.

(Jeremy Wheatley) #87

I just ran 30 miles today. It started off fasted but had to fuel up around mile 20. (Half A Brick) I’m not gonna win any speed awards but eventually make it there. Lol.
30.45 miles
132 average heart rate

(Terry ) #88

Alan, I am a former professional athlete had 3 knee surgeries, had horrible knee pain when I ran, changed to mid sole (barefoot) running and now run about 50-60 miles a week No pain,AT ALL!!! I don’t think you understand how beneficial distance and ultra running is…

(Allan Misner) #89

Yes, there is benefit to good cardiovascular endurance fitness. And yes, form really matters in all movement. But over the years, I’ve seen many runners not listen to their bodies and push them until they break. Then depression steps in until they’re healed enough to lace up the shoes again. I’m all for doing things that bring you joy. Just do it wisely.

(Scott) #90

I run for fun these days and don’t really focus on the time too much. I get awesome running shoes (Hokas) with lots of cushion. I also attempt to run as if I am running on eggs and trying not to break them. If I do get a sore knee I take it easy for a couple of days to heal. All of this said the way I usually get hurt is to trip and fall. Nothings is perfect.

(Brad C) #91

Actually our ancestors WERE long distance runners. I agree though about the concrete :slight_smile:

(Edith) #92

Are you running barefoot, or just using the barefoot running style in shoes?

(Terry ) #93

It’s called Chi running, mid-sole striking… Instead of heal striking …some run barefoot I do have a pair of the Vibram shoes but run in them only on occasion and usually no further than 3-4 miles.