Distance Running on Keto

(Julie ) #81

Chris, that looked like a really good race.

(Jeremy Wheatley) #82

I’m the same way… I do all my runs on an empty stomach also. And typically don’t even need water unless I’m running more then 26 miles even when I was a carb eater I did this in order to avoid Gi issues while running.

(Teri) #83

I haven’t ran the distances that many of the runners above have, but I ran before starting keto, and had terrible times. It wasn’t until finally becoming fat adapted (about 6 weeks in) that I started to notice I could go longer and faster and saw my averages (I track my runs) improve almost overnight. It’s like I would forget that I was even running. And now I’m able to focus on improving my times and distance rather than just focus on making it through my run. Initially I ran a 5K every day but now I do 5 miles a day with no exceptions (unless it’s absolutely terrible weather as I run outside - but I’ll run in light rain), and a 10K once a week and push to top last week’s time. I am not necessarily training for a half marathon, although I’d like to.
Keto completely changed my running and gives me the ability to push through runs when I do feel tired, or am maybe running on less sleep. Side note - I don’t need as much sleep as I once did, which is something else I noticed after starting.
Also, I do my runs first thing in the morning, straight out of bed. But it’s just my preference to be running while getting to watch the sunrise. Also I live in SoCal so that helps combat the heat for a lot of the year. Running in the cold morning air seems to make a difference for me.