Disney soon - getting excited - what do you recommend?


(Eric) #1

I think we are all excited now. In one week we will be doing this.

@Hopeoftheflame just got her master degree and we are going to Disney to celebrate. There are 4 of us. Two strict keto maniacs, one new to keto easing in and one not yet converted from carbage.

Four days in the park and then my daughters will do one day at universal studios for the Harry Potter exhibit.

We are going to take some keto snacks with us and buy some when we get there. Breakfast will be eggs and bacon at Denny’s. Turkey legs and naked burgers for lunch and an occasional salad. Dinner, who knows?

I’m hoping to do some IF or OMAD days during this trip.

What are your Disney keto experiences and recommendations?

Mickey world here we come.

(Sophie) #2

Are you driving or doing a car rental? If so, take a cooler with keto stuff and get your hand stamped for reentry, take the tram back to your car at lunch time. I guarantee you’ll be unmolested by long lines and have exactly what you want on plan.

(Eric) #3

Thanks Sophie,

We are flying but will have a rental car. Was planning on buying a cheap cooler. Also because of a whacky foot problem I have a handicap placard so will be parked right next to the gate.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m thinking plowman’s lunches, pork rinds and macadamia nuts.

(Sophie) #4

Whatever you do you can figure on it costing probably a 10th of what you’d pay for it on the other side of those gates. Gotta love Publix!


Just got back from disney from thanksgiving. Would usually hit up McDonalds for breakfast. They had a triple stack mcmuffin for 4 bucks. would eat one without the muffin for breakfast, and take the second one for lunch.

While in park, I ordered a nice salad by the haunted house for 12 bucks. I highly suggest buying food before you go and bringing it in. you can pack a whole lunch as well as snacks and walk on in.

I did order a 10 dollar hotdog meal, and ate just the hotdog with no bun. expensive keto meal!

(Eric) #6

Sophie thanks so much. We completed day two and two of four fasted through breakfast and two ate in room. Lunch first day was all trunk of car and today for half of us. The kids had burgers at universal and asked for real food for dinner. The two of us keto have stayed keto but I have keto snacked after dinner to get to satiety. Some wine most days. Just two glasses.

All good. Thanks for your help.

(Sophie) #7

Like, who the hell doesn’t need that with driving in Orlando and dealing with kids to boot?!!! :smile::+1: