Dieticians are at it again

(Duncan Kerridge) #1

In the UK this time, I’ll not even bother discussing what they say about keto, but it looks Aseem Malhotra is the latest doctor they want to shoot down in flames for daring to have a view that’s different from theirs.

(Allie) #2

She said by not eating carbohydrates, you avoid eating the calorie-laden things that generally accompany them: “If you’re cutting out carbs, such as pasta, you’re cutting out creamy sauce. If you’re cutting out bread, you’re cutting out butter. If you’re cutting out biscuits, you’re cutting out sugar.”


(Jack Brien) #3

So what she’s really saying is " I don’t fully understand the concept or implementation of a ketogenic diet, so I’ll just say it’s bad"
Love Malhotras reply

(Consensus is Politics) #4

Actually, that was nothing more than click bait. I’m surprised it was scrollable and not click to continue with a thousand adds.

(ianrobo) #5

see my last post here - My personal results, massive NSV and use this to disprove carb burners!

and lets say this is total BS !!!

(bulkbiker) #6

Have you seen who their best mates are…

need we say more…

(Duncan Kerridge) #7

Don’t forget their other mates …

(bulkbiker) #8

Oh no! didn’t know about that one…hardly surprising though…

(ianrobo) #9

Of course the vegans will not be about high fat foods but wheat, wheat and guess what ??? More wheat !

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #10

It would have been, if it had been a commercial site, and not the BBC.

(ianrobo) #11

This is just pure panic from an industry if you are on the net you do not need. The empowered patient we are and very successful !

(Duncan Kerridge) #12

I suppose to be fair Aseem has had quite a lot of airtime on the BBC, so this is balanced reporting of a sort.

(Steve Stephenson) #13

My thoughts about what they say about keto:

Ms Porter said: “The sinister thing here is people saying it [ketogenic diet] can cure cancer and things like that - it absolutely cannot!”

And yet I seem to be an anecdotal example that a Paleolithic Ketogenic diet / lifestyle can help cause high volume metastatic prostate cancer go into a remission.

I hope that Ms Porter also remembers that the Ketogenic diet actually does cure epilepsy (“and things like that”) in more than 30% of those epileptics that try it, and controls epilepsy in another 30% (see the Charlie Foundation). And that’s AFTER exhausting all available drugs.

Ms Porter said: “you’re cutting out creamy sauce.”

Counter with Creamed Spinach, for example.

Ms Porter said: without bread “you’re cutting out butter”

I use butter in my scrambled eggs, to sometimes fry with, and sometimes in my coffee. Or I use heavy cream in my coffee, a butterfat product.

Ms Porter said: “you can lose a lot of fibre from your diet which is important for gut health.”

My gut is quite healthy, just like other carnivores that eat no plants; read Fiber Menace.

Ms Porter said: “removing whole grains from your diet … depriv[es] your body of many vitamins and minerals.”

All found in fresh fatty meat. In fact, vitamin B12 (and others?) can only be found in animal based foods.

The BNF advises that [the ketogenic diet] can be effective for losing weight in the short-term but this weight loss can be hard to sustain.

  • an admission that it works.
  • ALL diets eventually fail to keep the body from regaining it’s set-point weight. The trick is to use fasting to reset that set-point.

(Consensus is Politics) #14

Excellent. This is another example of what I like about these forums.

To play devils advocate for a moment, it’s not their fault. They have been taught from pre-school that carbs are a necessity for life. That fat is bad for you. It’s very difficult to see the truth without abandoning the lies you grew up with. That’s a very dificult thing to do.

Later in life, their beliefs are reinforced by sloppy studies that were engineered to prove an outcome. Lying by omission in order to force home the data they bring in as proof of, let’s say, ‘Fat causes you to get fat, and causes heart disease… etc… etc… ETCETERA!’ :cowboy_hat_face:

The best thing for us to do is not argue with them, but to just give the data. Real data. With real studies. Thousands of examples, not a handful.

There are plenty of studies out there that claim cutting certain cancer cells off from glucose causes them to die off. I read that before I even heard of Keto. The funny thing is, the Keto diet isn’t even considered. Instead designing a new process to make a sweetener that isn’t digestable, or in a unuseable form by the cancer cells, should be used to starve the cells.

-Bob :cowboy_hat_face:

(Brian) #15

One of the best arguments is living a good life while eating a LCHF diet.

I’ve had a number of times where the person who’s been the “dietitian” for years is the one having the trouble with gaining weight, controlling the sugar, arteries clogging, while complaining about having to restrict their calories and fail to lose weight. And here I am, losing weight, doing great, eating all I want, numbers improving, and telling them I’m eating a ketogenic diet.

I don’t suggest they try it. But I will gladly tell them that it’s not that many months ago that I was trying to “eat right and exercise”, according to what the health experts all seem to be recommending, and I wasn’t doing so well at all. I made a radical change (to keto), and it worked!

Most of the time, I will get down and dirty and tell them I gave up: sugar, starches, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, wheat, most beans and most fruit. But somehow, I’m not sure whether they can all even process that as they rarely pick at it at all. At that point, they usually want to tell me what they eat and how for reasons they can’t understand, their “healthy diet” just doesn’t have the same effect for them that my “weird” diet has for me.

Hey, I figured maybe I planted a seed. Who knows, maybe some of them will really take it to the next step. But I know many will die listening to their own health guru push them over the cliff with their “sound advice” and “health studies” while prescribing yet another drug to help control their symptoms. It’s sad.

(Dameon Welch-Abernathy) #16

It’s a good thing I don’t pay much attention to what celebretties and the mainstream media say about much of anything, especially what I’m choosing to put in my body (or not, as the case may be).

(Rob) #17

Though ironically, in our celebrity obsessed world, famous Keto-ers may be the best tool to getting more general acceptance in the absence of mainstream medical adoption and advice.

(ianrobo) #18

Very interesting counter point here and a great point

If dietitians moan about our diet missing off an whole food group why quiet about veganism ?

(Jack Brien) #19

I like your analogy of being pushed over a cliff. I wonder if we have a budding (or otherwise) cartoonist that could put that into a graphic form?