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For the Australians out there, does anyone know of or can point me to a directory to find a diabetes specialist in WA?
My friend is looking for better T2 diabetes management and also for his daughter who is T1.
Any help greatly appreciated,


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Welcome to our forum. Hopefully you will hear from some folks in your area. @PaulL has a good memory for who lives where. Hopefully he’ll tag some people.
Curious tho why you chose a keto forum for your question. Do you or your friends follow a Keto diet?


Sending out the bat signal to @richard . Perhaps he has some good contacts he can post for you.

Welcome to the forums.

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I had a reply posted, and then I realised I was recommending people on the wrong side of the country.

There is Dr. Anthony Chaffee in Perth. Strictly speaking, he is a neurologist, but he does have a side practice treating patients with a low-carb, even carnivore diet. I don’t know how well-connected he is, since he’s an American, but if your friend is too far from Perth, his office might know of someone closer.

As a last resort, you could ask Peter Brukner, Paul Mason, or Gary Fettke if they know anyone in W.A., but the first two are in Melbourne, and Dr. Fettke is in Hobart. But they are well-known for using a ketogenic diet in their practices, so might very well know similar doctors in W.A.

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Finding any “doctor” who advocates or even knows about keto/low carb is a challenge, at least in the US. Personally, I’ve given up. I just have a “normal” doctor, and ignore anything they say regarding food or saturated fat. And I’m lucky enough to (1) be able to afford to pay for my own blood tests and (2) to be able to order my own blood tests.

Add a wrinkle to this, and forget it. Walk into an office and say, “I have part MTHFR. Specifically, my ferritin is extremely low. Can you help me?”, and see what they say.

Those who advocate keto for treatment of T1 are probably few and far between. If you find one, please post back, as this might help others find the same.


OK, so this is technically a non-answer, but you don’t “manage” T2D, you eliminate it! Even if your friend doesn’t want to eat Keto, point them in some directions to learn that it’s as stupidly easy as getting rid of a cold. Stop eating / drinking the stuff that caused it, and it goes away. Then there’s nothing to manage.

On the daughter, ya, T1D is a different story.

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This is what I was thinking… you said it for me.

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Although doctors believe that T2 is a progressive disease, and that there’s no way to stop it from progressing.

This is from the American Diabetes Association:





Now, we all know that most (might not be all) T2 diabetics can be helped by keto or at least not eating high carb, that’s not what most doctors think.

Edit: Lest you think low carb or keto is advocated at that link for “an eating plan”, you’d be sadly mistaken:


If you follow this to cooking and recipes, you can find a recipe for “Meat Lover’s Breakfast Cups”, which has the following list of ingredients:

Fat phobia, I think

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I find it remarkable that the diabetes associations around the world don’t seem that interested in a non-pharmaceutical therapy that is proven to reverse T2D reliably. I think the only plausible reason for this is how they are funded. History will not look upon them with any respect.

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Which is exclusively by pharmaceutical companies that make diabetes treatments and pharmacy chains that sell them.

For the ADA, the major contributors are Abbott, Bayer, Genentech, Lilly, Medtronic, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, and Merck.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”—Upton Sinclair

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Those meat cups … If I were making them with those specific ingredients laid out on the counter before me, using only the food I’d actually consume, I’d have a tiny pile of salted and peppered melted cheese, garlic and onion. Or possibly just salt and pepper. :rofl:

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Yeah, the list of ingredients could be small.

And they call these “meat lover”, but the main ingredient is hash browns. A better name: “Something that resembles egg cups with a small amount of low fat meat”.

Anyone know what “egg substitute” is?

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I think it’s usually a carton of blended egg whites (e.g. Eggbeaters). 1985 called, they want their cholesterol advice back. :unamused:

ETA and apropos of nothing, I did find a yummy recipe for “taco pie” which is just browned ground beef, beaten eggs, homemade taco seasoning and a little cream, poured into a pie pan and baked. I suppose that would also yield meat cups that are, imagine this, mostly meat!


I think that is true for a large percentage of people especially those either recently diagnosed or those that have been stable for a long time but it is not the whole story. People who are on steriods have a lot of trouble controlling BG. I personally know people whose A1C is under control but their kidneys are not from prior damage. I know people who are following a low carb diet but still need metformin and I also know people who do not produce endogenous insulin or not in sufficient quantities despite having been T2 adult onset. All of those people still need MDs.Those same people then have spikes for days from simply eating an orange (I know not low carb but the effect should not last 48 hours and it does for that person). It would be nice if LC cures all T2 but it doesn’t but it helps many


Have your friend read the The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung. Very straight forward and easy to understand and provides actionable steps to eliminate T2D.