Dementia Prevention



Wholly Mackerel! Who is eating a ketogenic diet for brain health?

Dr. John Campbell is an evidence-based researcher from the UK.

My father died with debilitating dementia.

I forgot that I made this other topic in March 2022:


Brain health was my number 2 reason for this diet. And it’s worked.

(Geoffrey) #3

Feed that fatty brain, it makes sense to me.
I’ve been coming across several articles on how ketogenic diets are being used to help or cure brain issues.


I like the in-depth interviews from the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) via their STEM-talk podcast.

I also like and bias toward Amber O’Hearn’s animal-based approach on dementia in the context of the ketogenic diet.

This Dr. Campbell talk presented here is another angle from over in the UK. It has some less necessary main-stream thought barnacles, like plant biochemicals importance elevation, to enjoy and contextualise with ketogenic and carnivore lifestyles.