December IF/EF Fasting Chat Thread - All Welcome

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

I’ll be breaking a 36 hr. fast at dinner tonight. I did not mean to go this one, I had a bad bout of vomiting, and even when it ended all I could tolerate was water. So it has been easy to do this one. No idea what set that off, nothing I have eaten was not my normal stuff. Just happy it ended after about 24 hrs. of none stop misery.

Hopefully my next fast will be much more enjoyable.

(Robin) #22

Sounds like a stomach bug that’s going around here. No bueno! But sure a good way to empty your pipes!
Glad you’re better…

(KCKO, KCFO) #23

Ended up having to take DH into Emergency Room this AM. After two nights he was still very sick. They did a scan and found nothing wrong with gall bladder, etc. He was just REALLY dehydrated. He has IBS, so his stomach gives him way more issues than my does. After a bag of solution and some pills to settle the the gut cliching, he is doing much better, Just has to do a 2 day liquid diet. Luckily we found a rehydration beverage that wasn’t insanely full of sugar, so he is well on his way to being 100% again.

I just really need a good night’s sleep, I haven’t had one this week since I became ill. Looking forward to tomorrow, it will be the last day before a couple of fronts collide around here to give us a white Christmas. I personally am over them, but others love it. I am loving our above high temps and will hate to see them disappear. We have even broken a couple of very old record highs recently.


We had our snow earlier but of course people want white Christmas… Well, it won’t happen, it will be a pretty warm day though not as warm as it was several years ago, 20 Celsius :slight_smile: Maybe not at Christmas but only a few days before and it’s rare here :slight_smile:
White Christmas isn’t realistic in Hungary, people shouldn’t really expect it. Hope, sure but it would be a special gift and people shouldn’t consider the lack of it as a small tragedy. I don’t even really expect snow in winter anymore, I mean, it’s likely but a proper snow? That is trickier. And we got it in December, it’s rare! People should appreciate it when it comes even if it’s not exactly Christmas. I like our seasons, the variety. I don’t like summer as I am dying over 25C so all the 25-40C is tough on me but Nature is pretty, the days are long… it would be strange to live somewhere without all these seasons.

We had some very pretty frost yesterday(?) morning though. Everything was white and pretty but it melted quickly.

IF wise there is nothing special. I don’t even try anything in December so I eat whatever, whenever. It translates to having lunch at 3pm and dinner around 6pm and not much else, maybe a few bites earlier, I will clean it up later, not now, I am not so well emotionally and mentally now. My weekend days tend to have a bigger eating window due to an earlier lunch but I don’t normally eat on the 24th before the family Christmas dinner so maybe that will be OMAD.

(B Creighton) #25

We didn’t have a white Christmas either… usually do. It was kind of an odd-duck Christmas.
I have not been very consistent before Thanksgiving or Christmas on my IF, and now I have a cold or something… my first in some years… maybe I should test for Covid… but this is much worse than when I got Covid…so welcome in 2024!!! Right?Yeaaaaahhhhuccccck! Oh well.

I do have some good news to report from December. I dropped my oxLDL about 50% this last year. I worry more about the quality of the cholesterol than the quantity. In other words I have aimed to lower my oxidized LDL. I don’t eat a ton of fat, but maybe more than I used to. Anyway, I’ll find out what my LDL-C is this next week, but I already feel it will be about the same or maybe even a little higher. I’m doing this as an N=1 test. I took multiple measures, so can’t really tell you what I did, that did it - probably all of it had an impact - but anyway I went from moderate CVD risk at oxLDL=91 to minimal or lowest risk category at oxLDL=47. I do not do carnivore, but eat about 0.5 LB of animal flesh per day - unless you count eggs. So, what I did to drop my oxLDL was to switch to pastured eggs. I also stopped eating pasteurized dairy like yogurts and ice cream. Instead, I bought a yogurt machine and I make my own yogurt from raw goat or A2 cow dairy. This gets heated no more than 110F, and I make it quite fresh to minimize oxidation. My son moved in so I stopped eating leftovers for the most part. I also stopped eating canned tuna - a highly oxidized food. Instead I bought Wild Planet sardines which are packaged whole with their skin on. I also stopped eating sausage, and virtually all other processed meats with the exception of occassional grass-fed beef hot dogs. I also stopped most processed desserts, in favor of whole fruit or something else. I also lowered the cooking temperature on my oven to no more than 325F and coat the meat with olive oil to prevent it from drying out while cooking. This lessens the oxidation of the meat and the creation of advanced glycation end-products… I also pretty much have given up all salad dressings, because almost all have GMO oil and/or some form of sugar. Instead, I strictly use my homemade dressing using MCT/balsamic vinegar/herbs.

I have never had a CAC score, but my large varicose vein in my right calf has stopped hurting, and no longer seems to need a calf sleeve.

So, alright you all…you see my lackadaisical performance, and I need you all to force me to do right this month… :wink: Gotta get to that 11% BF mark, and get those abs I’ve never had…