Day 6 feeling rough

(Isabel Rodriguez) #1

I still am not feeling good.I have also notice Im not urinating as much.I feel swallon and like garbage in the morning.Im following a calorie tracker and carb tracker im not over my carbs or calories.Am I doing this right.Im also PMSing this week.I’ve been a mess with mood swings and fatigue.Man this is rough.I think its probably the combination of stating keto and PMS.This is day six.And then I made the mistake(before I found this site) i told the girl at work that I thought was a friend about my new life style and she told the whole office and now everyone is watching every move and making snarky carb comments.UGH people suck.Ok sorry for my unpleasant vent.I appreciate all of you.Any tips and encouragement welcomed.

(Reina Noemi) #2

Hey girl! Im sorry youre not feeling your best, If you can post your food logs maybe i can see if there is something missing but if you haven’t heard yet, you got to get in lots of electrolytes. Especially the first week and pretty much the entire time you’re keto. lack of salt, potassium, and magnesium will result in feeling pretty weak/sick. Also, you may not be consuming enough fat and so your body is struggling to transition. Obviously these are all just hypotheses. It definitely gets easier! Also, don’t be embarrassed about your new eating lifestyle! Ive lost 50 pounds since mid july. Those same people at your job making snide carb comments will be the SAME people who will want to know exactly what your doing when the weight melts. Stay strong and Keto on <3

(Frank) #3

I remember vividly the day that my keto flu peaked. I said to myself and my wife how on earth can something that makes me feel like this be good for me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I hung in there and broke through the transition. 1 year, 50 lbs down, healthy bio markers, and a fresh revitalized outlook on life is where I’m at now. Hang in there, do the hard work now and it gets much much easier going forward.

(Scott) #4

No PMS expert here (I am a guy) but it looks like you picked one of the toughest weeks to start keto. Anyway after a week or so you should start to see an improvement in how you feel.


Hey girl stay strong! Youre likely hitting the keto flu mark being a week in, it WILL get better. When I started and got to the keto flu mark, I felt like I was literally gonna fall over. GET SOME SALT! Make some ketoaid, drink a cup of chicken broth and just HANG ON! You can do it. Eat when youre hungry!

Spending a weekend in comfy clothes and watching Netflix is a good way to get through the keto flu. I PROMISE that you will feel better. It might not seem that way and all you want is to feel normal again, AND YOU WILL!

Also Im sorry your coworkers are being judgmental. :frowning:

(Isabel Rodriguez) #6

I love this! I am going to do this! Thanks so much for your support

(Stylee) #7

Your a tough lady, you got this. Good advice above so I won’t say anymore.

KCKO :cowboy_hat_face:

(Isabel Rodriguez) #8

Thank you so much!

(Frank) #9

If she’s anything like most of us here her new “normal” will be a vast improvement.


Sorry to hear that. I know it’s easy for me to say, but ignore it for now, don’t give a toss. Later on when you have some results and they can see it for themselves, it will quickly go away. They’ll be coming to you for advice. (Or, they won’t, and those that are unhealthy will stay unhealthy and who cares)

(Sue) #11

Ugh, people are the absolute worst! My roomate has been making snide comments this week. She is skinny and eats poorly and believes in the everything-in-moderation mantra. I am also an alcoholic and struggled to get sober and here’s what I know - people that have a problem themselves with alcohol/sugar/carbs are the ones that will have the toughest time accepting and supporting what you are doing for yourself.

Just keep going (u can do this!) and in a couple weeks u will be able to identify the ones in your office that will still be defensive around u, vs others that don’t notice anymore. My 2 cents!

(Scott) #12

I love it when someone says keto? Isn’t that (insert negative term here). I smile and say its wonderful and effortless, I eat when hungry and stop when full. Check out my breakfast: bacon, sausage, eggs, heavy whipping cream and cheese. That’s when they say “how is your blood work with eating like that” I say phenomenal! Oh and I lost 20 pounds too. When you start losing weight and feeling good you will get your revenge.