"Dawn phenomenon" irregular?

(David Cooke) #1

I broke my glucometer and only got around to buying a new one after going from low-carb to a strictly Keto diet (ca 13 - 18 g daily) for two weeks.
Early Tuesday morning after a 24 hour fast : 86 (surprised by that)
One hour later after a 5 K run : 109 (that’s nothing to worry about)
Early Wednesday morning`after 18 hour fast : 111 (some would find that normal?)
Is this going to be due to the fasting or is the dawn phenomenon an irregular thing?

(Rossi Luo) #2

I had the same dawn phenomenon problem as yours, but at the last, I found that it’s a specific food I ate at last dinner spiked my blood glucose in the morning, my problem was caused by the milk in the coffee.
So I suggest you to look at the foods carefully you eat, look at the food labels carefully, there might be some ingredients with hidden carbs.


These glucometers have a tolerance of 15%. Some of them, 20%. Did you test only once? Next time, you could test a few times and take the average result.

Having said that, while on keto, my FBG increased, too.

(Bacon enough and time) #4

Given the margin of error typical of these home devices, 86 and 111 could easily represent the same actual level of serum glucose. Don’t sweat it.

Also, given how highly variable serum glucose is, fluctuations are to be expected. Who knows what our body is reacting to at any given moment?

Lastly, are you eating enough fat, so that your liver doesn’t need to make extra glucose to feed your organs?