Dare I Say It

(Tony ) #21

Congratulations !. Sometimes it takes a while to happen !!
And congratulations on escaping from most of the “health” organizations, big food and drug companies who would rather keep your health borderline, as they now wont be making money from you…

(Kirk Wolak) #22

When you go to Italy, or take ANY vacation, here is my Suggestion.

Plan to stick to KETO in the beginning. Make it a GAME to be keto while there as much as you can.

Then, for the last 2-3 days (no more than 3, and 1-2 would be better), Enjoy yourself without going insane! (oh, since I had pasta, I will get the cheese cake, and the Tiramisu, and don’t forget the Gelato, etc. etc. etc) Eat meals, and stop eating.

When you get home, PLAN a FAT FAST( 1-2 days of eating unlimited FATTY Foods: Bacon, Avodcado, but NO Complex flavors. 1-2 foods for the 1-2 days, to help create boredom and signal fullness). And use that to break the carb addiction.

TELL Others this is your plan. Announce it when you return. And let others hold you accountable. Make sure you have the bacon or avocado ready to go, have a friend drop them off the day you return. REALLY OWN This! And build the muscle to get back on track whenever you know you MIGHT go off track.

Why do it this way? Because ONCE you trigger the carb addiction, you will NOT be able to control it (just assume that). Imagine 2 weeks in Italy, and the first day, you have pasta. How hard will the last 4 days be to get back into KETO? (impossible, pretty much!) By doing it this way, you have the RELEASE valve. You KNOW you will enjoy the tastes of Italy the last couple of days. You can make notes of the specific places you want to return to.

The shorter window really reduces how much trouble you can create for yourself. And you will be back home, with your support system, and normal tools, accurate scale, etc.

It’s OKAY to FEAST as long as we plan a FAMINE to follow.

The problem in todays world is that we have feasts, Feasts, and FEASTS followed by more feasting and never a famine to be found…

If you know the problem in advance, you can work a strategy to optimize it. The thing is to exercise the solution in your mind. What can go wrong? How will I recover?

Putting your non-keto meals to the end of the trip, allows you to prioritize the foods you are willing to try, limits the window of exposure, and reduces the chance that you will be off keto the entire trip. Because an entire trip off of keto COULD result in you regaining so much weight, you throw in the towel, or lose the motivation to start.

I know, I was in group sessions, and I would say 70% of the people in those sessions told that same story. “We went on vacation 6 months ago, and we were bad, and we came back, and just couldn’t get started again… Now we’ve gained all the weight back, and the doctor wants us on meds again, so we have to start all over!”

Personally, I can learn from those people, and I did. I have fallen off the wagon a few times, never for more than a couple of days, and that caused me to develop the plan I use to get back on the wagon if I ever do fall off. I even scheduled a couple, so I could practice the plan, and tweak it (The big tweak is fat fasting first. It shuts down the hunger you can get from re-igniting the addiction)

(Jane) #23

I guess I am fortunate not to be addicted to carbs or unable to control myself once I eat a carby meal. My 2 weeks in Italy was fun, no stressing over food, enjoyed the wonderful fare, didn’t gain any weight and got right back on keto when I got back.

But I understand not everyone can do that and must manage differently. I would be upset if my vacation led to gaining all the weight back (over time after I got back) I worked so hard to get off. Well, hard in the beginning adjusting to a new regime and figuring out social situations and eating out.

It’s not hard now - just second nature.

Good advice for those who need it :+1:

(Paul H) #24

Very good! And such an important part of life… minus Keto. Very proud of you Jane! Thank you for sharing reality.

(Kirk Wolak) #25

Excellent Job Jane! Thank you for realizing that the message was for the many.

People need to know themselves. Personally, I am UBER concerned as I can gain 7lbs overnight like it is nothing. 2.5 days and gained 13 lbs recently. I have to start fasting, or my body will turn that inflammation in to body fat to protect itself from the toxins leading to it. Gluten is one of those toxins.

(Jane) #26

So true! We were more worried about the effects of eating extra carbs would have on us because when we had a carby meal at home we would spend more time in the bathroom the next day getting rid of it all. We were going on some long tours without ready access to a restroom.

We actually started adding some carbs back to our diet the 2 weeks before we left. Not a lot - maybe 50 g net for the day. No issues on vacation.

Everyone has to plan differently based on their own bodies. And unfortunately with this WOE you DO have to plan one way or another until the rest of the world jumps on our bandwagon.

(Kirk Wolak) #27

Yeah, it will be easier when more people are doing this. But I pride myself on creativity.
I will fast when I fly, or pack cold bacon and pepperoni. Done. No nuts!

When I was driving 13hrs back from TN, I was ravenously hungry, so I stopped at a place that had those Cheese Stuffed Sausages. (Not great food, but worked for staying keto). I bought 3 of them! No buns. A big bottle of perrier. I cut them up into bite sized pieces and ate one of them while the tank filled, and the other two while I was driving.

I am going to Russia in July/August. That should be fun. But they have head cheese, and dry bacon… Fasting is always an option. LOL. I will also bring some KETO shake mix and also exogenous ketones. (So, if I have to, I will drink ketones to quench my hunger if the food is not appropriate for me). They don’t have the same access to ribeye and other meats. So, I am just trying to think ahead. As long as I get 3 decent meals/week I am good! ADF to the rescue!

(Jane) #28

Russia? VERY COOL!!!