Dang - I didn't know Adele Hite passed away

(Bob M) #1

Passed away from breast cancer. I did not know she had passed away. This is from Diet Doctor:

This is how I remembered her:

This is her website:


More here:

I always liked her writing, and I believe she got a PhD later in life.

(Geoffrey) #2

I didn’t know who she was but I hate hearing when anyone passes from cancer.
It’s such a man evil disease.
There is beginning to be more evidence that shows how carnivore is inhibiting the growth of cancer in many people. It’s a shame she couldn’t have shared in that information.
May she rest in peace.

(Bob M) #3

It might have been that she was more prevalent on Twitter way back when. Maybe that’s where my main interaction (i.e., reading what she wrote) came about? This is where I learned it from now:

I believe Adele Hite ate a keto diet, or at least a low carb one. She was a fierce advocate of low carb, and I think came to this as a lot of us do - we try it, it corrects tons of problems we had, and now we realize everything we were taught is wrong. She did this later in life and I remember always admiring her for that and her clear thought process.

My limited knowledge about keto/carnivore and cancer is that keto/carnivore can help, but does not cure many cancers. I think, for instance, that cancer can ferment l-glutamine, so there’s another source of energy for cancer cells. But it’s a formidable disease, and one where when you get it, there’s only what’s approved and that’s what you have to do. While keto may be an adjunct to this, it’s not a first-order idea, and also the drugs that inhibit l-glutamine will be nowhere in sight.