Cytokine storm in viral infection linked to glucose metabolism


The results show that “there is a connection [between] influenza virus infection, enhanced glucose metabolism and cytokine storm, all linked through O-GlcNAcylation of IFR-5,” Mengji Lu, a virologist at the University Hospital Essen and a coauthor of the study, writes in an email to The Scientist .
Although the study focused on influenza, cytokine storms are also a common cause of death in COVID-19, and patients with metabolic disorders including diabetes seem to be more at risk of such severe complications. In a Science Advances press release, Liu says, “We believe that glucose metabolism contributes to various COVID-19 outcomes since both influenza and COVID-19 can induce a cytokine storm, and since COVID-19 patients with diabetes have shown higher mortality.”

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He is so right but will they listen? There is no way he could be wrong in my opinion. It’s as if they are killing people on purpose by refusing to listen to experts like this who are not even pro-keto?

If you want to know the other missing pieces of the puzzle which are crucial to the above citation watch this. Which has little to do with insulin and a lot to do with Leptin already stored in your fat cells if you are severely over-weight, insulin is only one of many co-factors of hormones, it is when you over-eat or under-eat anything continuously that insulin becomes a bad thing.

Getting fat adapted fast is easy and super cheap, you don’t need big fancy salads or lean expensive meats every meal that is a myth. Eggs, bacon, sausage or super fatty meats like Spam, avocado, butter is all you really need to get started and that‘s basically it, people make keto expensive by choice thinking they have to eat a bloody steak dripping with the butter it’s fried in every meal and that’s a luxury not a requirement. And add more fish especially fatty fish (like cat fish), shrimp, lobster, crab if budget allows it.

Just increase your sodium potassium and magnesium three days before you start keto and you avoid a lot of problems some people experience during the the first early transition phase.

Have your eggs, bacon and avocado or what have you; once or twice a day for three days. And then do that at three meals a day after that and you are basically fat adapted and will be fully ketogenically fat adapted 27 weeks after that and that is when ketone levels drop to around the 2.0 range in the blood because your body is really using the ketones for energy and not sitting around in your blood being toxic.

I just want to emphasize it is super easy to get fat adapted really fast even if it not 27 weeks fat adapted which is the higher end of ketogenic fat adaption.

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Can you see the contradiction in what you said?

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Edited: …or lean expensive meats

Thank you for pointing that out, problem is my editing program tries to complete my sentences for me while writing them and I try to catch it. (will create sentences entirely different from what I wanted to say)

I do try my best to correct my mistakes and grammar.


Very interesting Frankobear. I like a lot of what you have to say.
The author says however that these results are “broadly” relevant, so there is more research to be done. Otherwise every diabetic would succumb to Covid. Tom Hanks is a diabetic and his wife had a worse case than he did. So lots of variables there. Its so nice to feel that I am protecting myself by eating keto and using ketones for energy instead of glucose- but it just does not protect me from Covid19. Whether i get a mild case or a deadly one, is up to most likely far more variables in the equation. I certainly LIKE the idea that a virus cannot thrive without being fed glucose, but that just doesnt seem to be the ultimate answer to the problem.

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Thanks for the link @FrankoBear