Cronometer and their "scan new food" function - kudos to them

(Carol E. ) #1

When you scan a barcode that is not in the Cronometer database, the image below pops up. After taking pictures of the front and back of the package, you are asked to enter some nutritional information. I did so yesterday evening and in a matter of a couple of hours I received an email that their database was updated. Cool beans :sunglasses:

(Jay AM) #2

I’ve sent in and corrected things a few times this way and never got the email. I’m just hoping they added/changed it and maybe didn’t send the email. I love the verification function for the database though because it makes it actually worth it versus a user database with 500 entries for cheddar cheese.

(charlie3) #3

I’ve been using crono from the start. For me it’s indispensable and it’s helping me try some nutrition hacks.


I think “Stupid Simple Keto” does something similar. I’ve put in things and seen pictures that I’m guessing other members have taken. Not sure how to submit to them myself. Maybe only if it’s a upc that they’ve never seen before.

(Troy) #5

Noticed that app b4🤔

What are your thoughts and experiences w it ?
Are you a Long time user? Premium user?

One time premium fee . $9.99
I’m cheap :joy:
So, that’s not too bad really


(Carol E. ) #6

I’ve used the standard version for over a year and a half. I tried several other tracking apps before settling on Cronmeter.

Creating custom foods is easy; I usually find something close already in the database, copy then modify. I do this when logged in online. Copying the previous day is also a nice feature.

Below is a recent finding that made me glad to have Cronometer. Marty Kendall is a rockstar in the nutritional density space.

(Sommer Strickland) #7

Maybe it is just me, but I see that many people use cronometer and when I look at it is so confusing to me. I use MFP, which seems much simpler. It won’t even let me search a food unless I buy the subscription.

(Ivy) #8

What do I select in Cronometer for CrowdCow pork butt ?

(Eric) #9

Unless the brand publishes specific nutritional information you usually have to resort to a generic pork butt in Cronometer. I find that some of the brands of grass fed beef I buy like Sun Fed Ranch are in there but others like First Light are not (except their ground beef). When I buy their steaks there is no nutritional information on the package but it is present on the ground beef which is probably why I was able to find in Cronometer. In my opinion no two 8 oz steaks for example are identical any calories, fat, protein etc are going to be averages across NY steaks or filet mignon anyway. Highly unlikely that a Crowd Cow pork butt is going to be significantly different than a general pork butt from the app. I could be wrong but that’s how I have handled it for my macro tracking.

(Ivy) #10

How many lbs of meat should I stick to UNDER if my macros are 55-94 P
For which reaching for protein is taken into consideration ?

(Eric) #11

I modeled pork butt in Cronometer and 12 ounces uncooked is about 54g of protein. If you were aiming for the 94g range it would not quite be double. I have found that at least for my purposes that is close enough. I would assume that fattier cuts of meat might be lower in protein and lean cuts higher. I know that I had an 8oz rib eye and 190g of 80/20 ground beef today as well as cheese and nuts, nut milk etc and hit 137g of protein today and still under 20g of net carbs. I have done net carbs for my keto experience. I find that fiber agrees with me and worth including and I have focused on net rather than total. Keep in mind each person if different, my n=1 works for me but may not for someone else. I often have 25-40g of fiber daily a lot of which comes from chia seeds soaked in nut milk. I am in no way an expert here and have only been practicing a keto woe for around 105 days and have managed to lose 64.4lbs so far. So take my advice with a grain of salt.