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@Geezy56 My wife lost 26kgs over the last 12 months on ketovore and her snoring has gone as well as any need for cpap. Win! Win!

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That’s fantastic.


For me, 6 months of keto and losing 70lbs and moving my BMI to under 30 didn’t help my sleep apnea - a big disappointment.

I really didn’t want to have to use a Cpap so I looked for alternatives. I read about breathing and throat exercises to strengthen the tongue and firm the soft palate. Can’t hurt I thought so began the exercises 3 times a day,

Happy to say that the results were near miraculous. Within just a couple of days I could notice results and within a couple of weeks my apnea was much improved. I wasn’t waking up 10 times a night, usually with a pounding heart and my snoring was much diminished. 12 months on I now just do the exercises for maintenance a few times a week. I wouldn’t say I’m cured but I’m very happy with the changes.

My theory is that the weight loss allowed the exercises to work. Neither one one their own would have done it.


Keto has been providential for me – I’ve lost 115 pounds and fixed my diabetes, hypertension, and fatty liver disease – but one thing keto did not cure was sleep apnea. I still need CPAP, which I am willing to live with. Good sleep is essential to metabolic health.


DEXA’s usually average around $60-$90 and you can save buying them in 2 packs. Not all people that have them are listed on but many are, and they run deals all the time. Many gyms also have them and will scan non members.

If you go to an actual medical imaging center, they’re more pricey. I only did that once because everybody else in the area was booked up and it ran me almost $150, so close enough to double to avoid that when possible. OR con your doc into ordering one if they can come up with a good reason.

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That sounds promising, could you either describe the exercises or post a link to the information?


Hard to describe in any detail but the exercises mostly involve resistance movements against your tongue and trying to raise your uvula, that dangly thing at the back of your throat attached to your soft palate. The latter is a challenge and best done looking into a mirror. To start with I could barely make it twitch. Now I can raise it for a few seconds repeatedly.

There are quite a few YouTube videos that you may find helpful. This is one of the first I found. Still makes me laugh as the subject is a bit embarrassed and trying not to giggle.

Hope it helps you.

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Thank you for that.