COVID side effect - Sudden Onset of Diabetes


I saw this a couple of days ago and forgot to share until now:

It seems that some people are developing T2D after having been infected by COVID. Now they’re not sure if it’s the result of COVID itself, or the drugs that were used to combat it. Interesting article regardless.

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Interesting. As many point out, a large number of people have " pre-diabetes" where the increasing amount of sugars, starches and carbs is already causing stress on the body. This condition isn’t noticed in most people as the body’s insulin levels are continually increased to try to cover it. But when the body is pushed just too far, and no more insulin can be produced within the body then the formal condition of diabetes type 2 develops. An infection of covid 19 most likely causes a general reduction in most organs efficiencies as the body attempts to fight the virus. Then this possibly allows the already insulin compromised body to be tipped over the threshold and diabetes 2 quickly seems to appear.

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As I recently mentioned in another thread, the late Dr. Joseph Kraft was convinced that many, many more people had diabetes than were caught by the official diagnosis (which is based on serum glucose, not serum insulin). He called it “occult diabetes” and “diabetes in situ.” He could show, by means of an oral glucose tolerance test, a number of patterns of glucose and insulin response, which were guaranteed to result in a diagnosis of Type II diabetes, sometimes as long as two decades later. I wouldn’t put it past COVID to affect the pancreas in such a way as to make the patients’ diabetes more obvious.

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I went for years without getting a physical because " I felt fine "…

First time I wound up in the ER for an infected cut, I get " Did you know your blood pressure is high ? "…

Millions of people are walking around with un-diagnosed hypertension and T2D…

I suspect a lot of covid deaths that were reported as " no underlying health conditions ", particularly in younger people, really did have un-diagnosed underlying health conditions…

I don’t know how many pictures I have seen of young " healthy " people who died of covid who were obviously over-weight, but it is not polite to point that out.


The small intestine lining has cells with ACE2 receptors. The virus replicates in them and destroys them. Then people can have diarrhoea symptoms. The pancreas has a duct that links to the small intestine.

I’m not sure of ACE2 receptors in pancreatic tissue. But the pancreas is susceptible to immune system attack.

Gut bacterial fragments are inflammation generators. Some are biomimicry compounds with antigens that create an immune response to normal tissue e.g. Klebsiealla bacteria and spinal spondylitis.

I wonder if viral fragments may set up immune mediated disease in a chronically inflamed metabolic state due to poor nutrition and lifestyle?

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