Covid Is Now Saving Lives

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The elderly and the sick still have to shop to. Which is why I mask up when I go grocery shopping etc. Food being a necessity. Not all immunocompromised people live with others that can do it for them. Also a lot of healthy people get sick thinking their fit, come to find out they had a underlying condition they are unaware about and now they are compromised. I get the masks and everything is annoying, but I personally feel I’m helping some so I’ll continue to do so.


Here in the US, there are not yet FDA-approved vaccines for any age.

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Its up to Ethan to decide if his kid needs a vaccine or not.
He is responsible, not us, not the FDA

Age is not a good measure to decide if an individual is at risk or not. Diagnostics by an MD sound more usefull.

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Even if he wanted to get his kid a vaccine, it’s not been tested on kids yet or approved. Over the age of 16 has been, I think their close to allowing 12 and up soon.

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This is untrue, the FDA has approved all three vaccines currently being used. They then decided with the blood clot issue with Jansen and Johnson shot to pull it for the time being.


It is true: they’re not FDA-approved. The trials for Pfizer end in early 2023 and I’m not sure about the end dates for the others.
FDA has given emergency use authorization for all three.

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So its approved then?


Absolutely- I fully agree with this. I was just clarifying that the vaccines have not in fact been approved for any ages.
Approval is a long process and the Covid vaccine trials are still ongoing.


No. They’ve authorized the vaccines for emergency use, which means the manufacturers haven’t yet gone through the usual testing protocols*. Everyone who has gotten a vaccine in the US should know this since it’s part of the paperwork you have to sign before getting the shots. It literally says “At this time there is not an FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of Covid” or something very close to that. I’m not looking at the paper right now.

(*Whether you agree with those protocols is a different story! But they’re usually in place for a reason.)

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Approved for emergency use

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Oh, I fully agree with the use of the vaccine prematurely.

But the advice to use schould come from competent persons iaw, MD’s not politicians.

The final decision to take a vacs should be with the individual or her/his resposible carers.

I’m not comfortable with forcing this on anyone. Unfortiunatly its happening all to much


I think in the language of pharmaceutical testing and approval, “approved” and “authorized” are two different things.
FDA is very specific that the vaccines are “authorized” for emergency use.

I would argue that there’s good reason for EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) but I think folks should understand that there’s a difference. Ashley’s belief that all three have been approved is a very common misperception.

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Sure. I get the distinction, semantics aside. I mean available when I say “approved.”

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Your getting hung up on a word. The FDA has “allowed” emergency use. Approval or authorized. The FDA has strict guidelines on if something is safe enough to “authorize” something. And I when I said approval I meant my comment as Ethan stated. The FDA is agreed it’s safe enough to use it. There wouldn’t be a FDA emergency use if not.


They follow certain protocols (and intense political pressure) for EUA, and a different set for approval (probably lots of pressure there as well).

I’m not saying not to trust the EUA - by all means, trust away (because, really, when have public health officials ever gotten things wrong?).

But this forums is all about the science, and if you’re into science you need to be clear about the facts.

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Ah yes, all those kids who got crippled or died from polio, their immune systems were up to the task if only they’d had hydroxychloroquine. The hundreds of millions who died from smallpox, they just needed to lick some doorknobs! Every HIV/AIDS victim, just should have taken some vitamin D, according to you, right?

Mate, you’re living in a dream world. Covid-19 is a deadly airborne pathogen that would have killed millions more if not for government mitigation measures – and if not for the vaccine that’s about to come to your rescue, tens of millions of more would die. Tens of millions. Hundreds of millions would suffer lifelong damage, as we are now seeing in the Covid long-haulers.

I’m glad my country finally stumbled into the correct solution to Covid. The Taiwanese solution – people who learned from SARS 1.0. It is disappointing that there are so many Covid deniers out there, apparently like yourself, but here in Australia we know that we’d have lost hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens, and we’ll keep our borders shut until the rest of the world gets its act together.

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Wrong, your putting words in my mouth, go away troll. Or stay and at least try to have a civilized conversation.

You are the one subscribing to the covid19 dogma your, dreamworld not mine.

And again the lies, your a piece of work, you must be proud of youself. Nobody’s denying anything.
Go play stupid somewhere else and stay away.


stumbled is the key word here. And correct is yet to be seen.

Chill Dude. Cut the drama and hysterics. Everyone has a right to their personal opinions.

Civil conversation til ya went decided to tear into someone…ugh.

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