Covid Is Now Saving Lives


Go out dude! That craps not healthy! I’d argue it’s almost worse if you’re (choosing) to be a prisoner. I’d think that’s a bad sign. Was watching a thing on the news the other day and a doc was talking about how this is screwing with people and the last couple months was the first time he’s ever actually seen people being diagnosed with agoraphobia, that were completely normal prior to COVID.


being a farmer I am more rural area. heck I didn’t even know Covid really happened. Nothing barely changed for me in life at all. I ‘read all the lockdown’ crap in bigger cities and more but around me, life went on point blank other than business annoyance with stores closed due to state demands and school closed and wear a mask or ya can’t get in a store type thing.

I chat my type of covid experience and people are like how dare you go out and I am like, I am not your location at all. I am SO much more isolated than a city type dweller so you truly have to keep your personal locations and more in context with the ‘whole how dare you’ when it comes to covid and its strength in your area at the time.

Plus our family ain’t the sickly types. We are healthy and got strong farmer constitutions.

(Ethan) #23

I think many of the rules are irrational, but there is an issue with compliance with even reasonable rules. We have seen a wide range of restrictions imposed by many jurisdictions. Which have worked and which have not? Well, we know that most of the rules imposed by developed countries gave results in some times, but no results other times. This suggests that they don’t work well. We also know that the strictest lockdowns in China worked, as did measures in isolated countries where people were compliant, but spread was extremely low. So it would seem that compliance is key if there is significant community spread already present. This makes sense, though. I think a lot of spread occurs within families. So it only takes one interfamily transmission to result in 4 or 5 intrafamily transmissions. Thus, the measures that are most effective in the absence of an extreme lockdown with full compliance are the ones that stop mass spread events.

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I have nowhere to go and am in a super-high-risk family. For the entire pandemic, my wife was high-risk pregnant. She had 5 miscarriages and was on multiple strong medications. This was our last chance for a second child. I also lived with my father-in-law, who we recently discovered had several underlying conditions. He’s been in and out of the hospital the last 2 months. I am also very high risk with multiple heart defects resulting in dual heart failure and a clotting risk. I have diabetes and asthma. While the adults are all fully vaccinated in my house now, my 9-year-old son has 4 autoimmune conditions that present risk, and he can’t be vaccinated. I also have my father living with us now because my mother died from COVID last year because she got it at a doctor visit! So just going out isn’t really a thing. We do things outdoors and limit anything indoors to virtually zero.

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When one make rules and assumes all humans will comply should quit his job and go make disign rules for a gearbox, the gears will comply.
Making rules is simple, If one knows it won’t work, don’t make the rule. There is always a flipside to a rule. One has to pay for it, in this case in lives.

I’m really happy you are able to protect yourself and your family. I admire your strength to keep this up. @lfod14 is correct, it is not good for your health but if you have to…

Sorry to hear that. Exposure to other people is just that.

1 of many reonason I don’t like masks is, its false security, at least I do not waer a label “safe” aprouch , its more, “dangerous, stay clear.”

I do not understand why your kid can not have a vaccine?

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Nor do you or the media… we have never ever seen “exponential growth” in infections or spread. Measures to mitigate these have always been implemented as infection rates have been about to turn. There are now so many studies showing the ineffectiveness of locking people up at home that I’m surprised you haven’t seen them.


Ah, yes - I had misread. Thanks.


I’m in your beautiful state this weekend for work.
Haven’t schools been closed for most of this time? I don’t think that constitutes “lockdown” but it’s one of the most serious concerns of our response to the virus.

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Masks do provide some limited protection. I think the people who think it’s safe to do anything because of a mask are just as bad as those who refuse to ever wear it. Neither is correct. You wear it when and where it’s needed, but you don’t rely on it to provide flawless protection.

My son isn’t old enough for the vaccine. It’s not approved for use in 9-year olds yet.


masks have a VERY small place in it all but it helps for some issues.

but what do you touch in a day out and about?
what food package is contaminated you touch?

no one is safe truly when and if we come in contact other than it is obvious the strong people survive and the weakened thru disease and med issues are way more vulnerable.

to all, count are blessings this IS only Covid. A real vicious contagion out there would wipe out strong and old/med people like lightening in this ‘total travel’ world. Not a doubt about that.

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That’s correct! I don’t worry about what I touch. But that’s why a lockdown is actually necessary in the beginning, when you don’t know how contagious a virus is. If this were a more serious illness with a 20-50% mortality rate, only a few countries would have come out even remotely ok. You take the conservative approach until you know more

(Vic) #32

Agreed, and only 1 thing can save you, a healthy strong immune system.
All the rest, including vaccines are just poor bandaids.

(Ethan) #33

A vaccine isn’t a band-aid. It actually stimulates a stronger immune response than exposure dose. So you very much can overcome a poor immune system from a vaccine.


Here’s how long the virus typically lasts on common surfaces, but it can change depending on sanitation efforts, sunlight and temperature:

  • Glass – 5 days.
  • Wood – 4 days.
  • Plastic & stainless-steel – 3 days.
  • Cardboard – 24 hours.
  • Copper surfaces – 4 hours.

So if it is ON everything the mask is SO limited but ‘live spread’ we know is worse.

No one is not getting in touch with this if ya ask me in the big scheme of things, it is US who works thru the crazy of it per our bodies.

So worse than covid hits, we are goners and the mask and you think you ‘don’t come in contact’ with it is just fluff. Fluff part is it doesn’t take out all, nice part is very low symptoms for survivers etc but in the end, ramp this baby up to ‘real scary’ and the world would be shaken way past this event.

and @Carnivoor I sure agree, the ‘lightweight virus’ are liveable/survivable’ but if a heavy weight nails us, we all go down ya know LOL I said it before, sign of way more nasty crazy to come, probably, hopefully not in my time :slight_smile: but the best is I know I ate a steak and not some damn broccoli before I bite the bullet and yes this is carnivore humor!

(Vic) #35

Really nasty virusses that kill their host fast do not get very far. Its the moderate ones that are dangerous, HIV is a good example.

I must have been exposed to covid19 many times. 1 time without any doubt, played pinball all evening with a friend who got sick the day after. 5 days fever for him, negative pcr test for me.

I’m always surrounded by lots of people at work and also my private life there are always people in the house during daylight. Myself, my beautiful wife and 3 kids are all very social people. There is no solitary day for us.

I am what I am, being alone is the only thing that scares me.

Covid19 is a bit of a weird bug, why my dozens of pcr tests and even bloodtests keep showing up negative is a mystery to me?

(Ashley) #36

Masks have been shown to work to an extent. Why do you think surgeons wear them in surgeries? Because it’s been proven to spread less germs. Running around doing whatever you want may be safe for you and your immune system but not for the person next to you. Your also becoming a spreader at that point. Even if you don’t get sick. Vaccines do help the immunocompromised fight covid and stay out of hospitals. If they didn’t we wouldn’t be vaccinating people for many many years from diseases. Not everyone has the luxury to fight off sickness. Some people even kids not just the old are dying. Some young healthy people end up with cancers, they are on chemo, they are vulnerable. It’s really not a hard concept to get. We’ve been vaccinating for the flu for a long time, a lot don’t mask because we have a vaccine for it. This is a new virus which needs new rules. In a few years time we will have it under control and do regular yearly vaccinations thus the ending of the pandemic. Until then it’s a waiting game to get enough people vaccinated.

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Why do surgeons wear masks in surgery?

Not to spread less germs.

It is to prevent their hair, dead skin, etc dropping into a patient’s open wound and to prevent the patient’s blood, pus, anything else which might spurt out of an open incision from hitting the face, nose, mouth & eyes etc of the surgical team members.

(Ashley) #38

It’s also to stop the spread of disease. It stops particle from being spread into open incisions as well as nasal droplets.

(Vic) #39

Hey Ashley,

The person next to me knows where she/he is standing, misinforming them or not warning them of my lifestyle would be criminal.

I’m not against a vaccine, they can jab one in my arm safe or not. The chance it can protect others is enough for me.

We don’t keep elderly and very sick people any company anymore for obvious reonasons. Sad really, I love it and they need it the most.

Corona virusses are not new, its a common cold. This cov19 strain just got very famous. Sadly it takes more lives than the flu or the common cold.

On the waiting game, you may be right, keeping viruses under controll, never gonna happen.


YIKES! I’ll give ya that, for you it makes sense. Still make sure you don’t go crazy though! Although in a full house I’d assume you wouldn’t.