Covid and the normalization of obesity



This is a very tricky topic but especially in light of increasing heart issues in young people who are given the vaccine, I think it’s an important one (also particularly relevant for this forum).

We are told that mass vaccination is the only way to stop Covid, but there are studies like this*:

…that beg the question of why policy makers aren’t putting their efforts behind metabolic issues rather than pharmaceutical interventions. Maybe instead of bribing people with lottery tickets and donuts to get a vaccine, we should be bribing people to lower their A1C.

One of the most frustrating things to watch in all of this is that we have so much trouble talking about health. In the US, we have reached a point that it’s so normal to be unhealthy that we don’t seem to be able to discuss health in relation to a virus. So we would rather mandate a new vaccine even for our young folks than talk about obesity. The conventional wisdom is that it’s impossible to reverse diabetes and lose weight, but on this forum we know that’s just not true. I don’t think the answer is any kind of fat shaming, obviously - that’s doesn’t work and is awful and unethical. But avoiding fat shaming shouldn’t mean ignoring this basic fact about the virus and human health.

Essentially we have shut down society, put our young people at increased risk of depression and isolation, facilitated an incredible shift of wealth to the rich (just to mention a few side effects of the lockdowns) - maybe just because we can’t find a way to handle our sugar levels? :exploding_head: Doesn’t that seem absurd?

*td;lr obesity isn’t just correlated with higher death rates; it’s correlated with higher viral load and transmission
And yes, I know that SPR is considered a controversial source of information, but at this point I consider just about every source out there questionable and I’m just interested in the data itself.

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The problem with that is that people would have to eat differently, and what they want is to take a pill. (Get a shot, not so much.)

Unfortunately, the key word there is “maybe.” There is no accepted proof that this is so. Especially with the sugar industry and the processed-food standing to lose a bundle if this becomes the accepted wisdom.

And the problem there is that the correlation says nothing about what the actual cause is of the higher death rates, viral load, or transmission. Obesity is a convenient scapegoat, because “it’s the fault of the people who haven’t followed the government’s dietary advice.”

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@Madeleine Notwithstanding the loose science, everyone seems to agree that obesity impairs vital functions and ultimately kills … so, no reason to doubt it would render folks less tolerant of a pandemic-scale virus.

But this made me chuckle…

Could we really use donuts to bribe people to lower their A1C? :upside_down_face:


Ha!! not donuts, for sure.

the donut thing drove me nuts! In case there was any doubt that we had fully lost sight of what “health” actually means …


That’s because you’ve never tried my donuts! Real sugar, real chocolate, real everything… except the flour, that’s powdered Metformin :wink:





You’re at the core of the issue here @Madeleine. The root. Unfortunately it is underground and lost from plain sight.

The metabolic disease cognisarti have been standing like sidewalk sign twirlers pointing at the way this respiratory virus has pulled the veil from various dysfunctional national public health bureaucracies, and the general health of the public who have followed erroneous public health campaigns.

We have also witnessed what the medical systems and main stream medical professionals are good at; that being emergency medicine and profit driven pharmacology and research.

This “vaccine will fix everything” wishful thinking and propaganda is faulty. The vaccine will be blamed for improving immune resilience in the human population due to timing.

:nerd_face:Argh, I just listened to some information on functional neutralising antibody generation by immune system B-cells.(1) The antibodies function to neutralise an infection. The infection is recognised by its signature foreign proteins detected by memory T-cells, I think? But the gist of the report is that only a tiny antibody response, much less than generated by a strong infection or vaccine dose, is needed to prevent disease, if not also limiting infection. It sort of explains, when matched to other immunological information, why the pandemic is one of positive testing rather than lethality.

My local, community newspaper had a front page cartoon of a character that resembled “Rosie the Riveter” from the “We can do it” posters from WW2, extolling us to roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated. I’m not against vaccination. But I am somewhat irked by public health by propaganda. Maybe I’ve been hanging out in the keto WOE too long and am experiencing transference rebellion, and the affliction of “a hundred unanswered questions.”
Getting back to the keto-crux, if there was a mass public health campaign to improve public metabolic health in synergy with the vaccination propaganda, we might at least be treading on to a better path. When I say metabolic health, I mean immune system health in this context.


A thousand times yes to your post1

You should see it in the US: endless messaging, and in particular all sorts of stuff aimed specifically at kids (ice cream, stickers, cartoons). :angry:


Why are they vaccinating anyone under the age of 50 unless they are medically vulnerable? I guess that may have answered it… A high proportion of kids and young people are so metabolically diseased that they need vaccine protection? The junk food bribes are the worst, most glaring perpetuation of the underlying problem. LCHF and ketogenic eating is needed as a foundation for improving the metabolic disease vulnerabilities that are, perceptually, being “treated” by a vaccination.

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