"Count down" (in reality a count up) clock program

(Richard) #1

I am creating a presentation on Keto and Metabolic syndrome for my Rotary Club. I am looking for a “Count Down”, actually and “Count UP” clock program that would be recording deaths from Metabolic Syndrome diseases beginning the first of the year. It would be dramatic to see the clock scrolling the numbers upwards at the time of the talk. Does anyone know of a program I could use and attach to one of my slides in my program.
My stats show 1,047,000 deaths in the year from Heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, stroke and kidney disease. A counting upward program would be dramatic. I realize that not all of those deaths are due to Metabolic syndrome but the majority are.
Can anyone help?



If yes. Search “PowerPoint counter increasing”

There’s YouTube tutorials.