Could you do keto / carnivore / LCHF diets on benefits?



This will be controversial probably.

But please let me qualify the title first.

I’m typing away here listening to the evening news in the background.
Apparently, 25 % of food takeaways are at risk of closing (in Northern Ireland) within the year without some sort of government intervention.
That’s just an aside- I’m a TU rep, so that pisses me off to see people loose jobs.

But it got me thinking.
Everyone is vulnerable, nobody knows what is around the corner.

Let’s say, I, lost my job. (Yes, I’d get another one, but for the purpose of this exercise, let’s say for some reason I couldn’t).
Do you think I (or anyone) could do Keto / carnivore/ LCHF on benefits?

Now, I’m living in UK, but I don’t know how much job seekers/unemployment benefits are worth per week/month?
Never had to use them thankfully, and I hope I never have to.
But there are some people out there who have had no choice with their own circumstances.

So let’s say ‘me’ for the sake of this, not looking to spotlight or highlight anyone.
Would I have to revert to cheap tins of spaghetti, tins of macaronni cheese, cheap bread, say bye-bye to the steaks etc.?
I know I could do a lot of tinned sardines and mackerel- because I already do.

It’s a worry.
One could potentially have the metabolic syndrome return.
Just a hypothetical…what do you think? It’s the cost of living crisis got me thinking this…

And if you had to do processed food, would IF stave off the spectre of returning to metabolic disease do you think?

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2

I don’t see why not. It may take some creativity. But you know what? Fast food is no longer that cheap an option, if you break it down for cost per meal making it yourself or getting takeaway.

Here’s something I think about… I watch A LOTTTTTTTT of 600 lbs Life, and one thing that continues to amaze me is that nearly none of those people work, yet they manage to afford like 15,000 cals a day worth of takeaway. It boggles my mind.

So, to your question, I think it can be done. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I think you’d be gucci.


Yeah, I get that!
I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the fast food thing, that’s not what I meant.
It was just the evening news saying 25% of fast food workers are potentially going to lose their jobs over here.

What I meant, is if you suddenly found yourself on benefits, with all the other cost of living pressures at present…could I (or we) carry on with this WOE?

I don’t work in fast food BTW…to be clear, but I do feel for them.

(Bob M) #4

It would be tough. I’d go for every sale, and take whatever meat I could get. Your options will be limited. It would help if you had a freezer, though, as then you could store meat for later.

Look for eggs, liver, cheaper meats. Keep all bones, make stock for more calories.

At the store we frequent, split chickens are cheapest, then pork tenderloins, then sausage links.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #5

Word, I totally understood. My point was kind of dull. What I meant to convey is, if 600lbs ppl on benefits can afford expensive takeaway all day long, the likelihood that you could afford keto/carnie/lchf food from the market, is pretty high.


Yeah- the smart ones are already doing that hopefully.

But, there might be times when ‘I’ have no choice.
Cheap noodles and stuff, with bread and margerine.
Student stuff that I remember!
Because we were all ‘skint’ and preferred to spend as little on food as possible…and as much on partying as possible.

But imagine this happened right now, you had no choice for getting back to work/higher income, and you had beaten T2 etc…bloody hell, I think I would greatly struggle. The only good thing is, I would probably have a lot of time on my hands to seek the bargains.

But let’s face it…probably end up on processed crap?
Would IF counter that? Probably end up no choice to IF anyway, right enough fs…




I watch TV (and see personally) people, proud people, forced to go to food banks over here.

The nature of food banks? Processed crap in the main. It’s a catch 22 for that vortex if you ever fall into it.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #9

I’ve seen loads of videos about people losing weight on IF, eating carbs carte blanche. I mean, how much trust can you fully invest in that, but if what they say is true, then yeah, IF may counter balance.

Also you could consider OMAD. I find I save a ton of money doing that.


You do know this is hypothetical, right? :smiley:

I’m just on my hols, chilling with Carly, after a great day earlier, considering what sort of steak to eat tonight. You know? Then I hear the news. I feel bad for them initially (empathy), then I think WTF would I do?

So, I’ll think about it, ask all you good people…and cook that steak. :open_mouth::relaxed:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #11

Yessssss sir, I do realize this lol.

You said you were a TU rep. Wtf is that? Terrific Urinator? Talented Umbrellist (one who is talented with an umbrella)?


All of the above!

It’s just a side line.

People keep voting me in for some reason at work, to represent them, in a trade union.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #13

Ohhhhh well what are you doing wasting your time with the trade union, when you could be giving that old umbrella razzle dazzle to tens and tens of interested people?

(Bob M) #14

There was a thread a while back where someone did not make much, and was asking for how to afford this diet. That had a lot of good ideas in it.

You’d really have to concentrate on sales and different stores, as everything (including gas/petrol) as gotten expensive.


I dunno.

It’s a pain sometimes, unpaid stress!
You get ready to hand over to someone, then ‘something’ happens, and you’re like 'I need to stay and get this done, because nobody else is going to do it (without making a complete ■■■■ out of it).

Ultimately rewarding though, when you help people for nothing. :slight_smile:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #16

Awwww see youre not just whacky, you’re also sweet. A good combo. I like that. :black_heart:


Yeah Bob.

It’s very topical right now over here, I don’t know whatit’s like over there?

Actually, I do a wee bit…I’ve watched some YT videos.
This world…I dunno.


Sorry for putting anyone on a downer!!!

Chin up!
It’s all good, and will be.


(Little Miss Scare-All) #19

No worries. I’m hard to bring down with topics. I can talk about anything.


I could just stop watching the news you know.

Bury my head in the sand (most of it is sh ite anyway).

But then that’s how people get messed up in the first place.