Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?


Not necessarily…I did IF on SAD-I never ate breakfast and it seemed like a nice progression. It is much easier on keto, but it can be done without a problem :slight_smile: It can be a very good tool too curb munching and mindless snacking throught the day…


Everybody is certainly different. I know that it took me a while doing keto before even considering skipping a meal.

It’s a situation where he has been obese a long time and eats a lot of carbs and has never done this way of eating before, binges and overeats, tried a day of keto (I think) and couldn’t do it.

So, wanting to suddenly do IF with a small eating window to start with - without being mentally prepared nor reading anything about keto yet except for being told it’s good for weight loss - is pretty likely to fail. Absolute kudos for wanting to try, I’m going to be there every step of the way, but I’ve recommended trying to get the carbs under control first! I think the all-or-nothing attitude is a big downfall for a lot of people and I would hate to see him be disheartened and give up completely.

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Aye. My sister and niece (and as a result, their husbands :slight_smile: have decided they’re starting it TODAY! RIGHT NOW! and my wife put a meal plan together for them to use this week which is basically just a decent reduction in carbs, but it’s not “keto” by any really useful definition for most people. It also uses stuff they have in their houses right now, because they want to start RIGHT NOW :slight_smile: Some people the bandaid needs to be ripped off, others need to be eased into it. My sister doesn’t cook all that much, she just does a few dishes she can do in her sleep, so again, a different approach to the one we used.

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My definition of “fasting” is 2 full days minimum. I’ve never fasted by that definition and may never. My current body fat is 11-12%. I want to gain some lean mass, not reduce body fat. What I’ve done is reduce frequency, 2 meals a day for 6 days, one day of no eating and zero snacks. I believe reduced meal frequency is necessary and sufficient and fasting (2 days+) is not. If I need to reduce body fat I never want that to happen faster than half a pound a week. My goal for adding lean muscle is to gain for as long as possible, not as fast as possible.

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Which is why I use “LCHF” and not “ketosis” when describing my dietary regimen. Besides, if I were to believe the pee strips, the keto club refuses to have me as a member. I envy your young, fit, athletic friend, but as @juice says, low-carb is the most reliable way to see change in one’s life. After you’ve said good-bye to conventional thinking about food, you may then adjust the levers to adapt to your own body and mind’s temperament.

There is so much junk information out there, and countless snake oil sales-zombies ready to pounce. We need to keep the essentials clear.

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Because I trust my GP is an emotionally-stable adult that can work with me on reasonable dietary therapies. FWIW, my GP supports my diet. He’s neither enthusiastic nor cautious. He’d simply like to better understand how my diet is affecting my health. So far it has been positive, so he’s fine.

I’ve said elsewhere, if your GP, nutritionist or other doctor spouts mainstream advice on saturated fats, find another doctor. Don’t waste your time or money. But don’t throw out medical practical, in total.

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Here’s your moment of zen: the only thing you should be disappointed in is getting disappointed. Self-shaming is that CICO nonsense, anyhow. :wink:

<Wherein @Screenack offers @Regina a non-fasting welcome hug. >

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The natural adrenaline that is released whilst fasting, plus the increased ketones your brain is running on.

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Thank you - I’m thinking it’s released because the body is protecting itself? I should read up on it. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

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My daughter is lurking here. She has been keto for 5 months and has lost 35lbs. She does IF 18/6 almost every day. But she never liked breakfast much before keto.

n=1, we are all different.

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It’s released because in human history, if we didn’t have food and became weak, sluggish and our body ate our muscle, we would never be strong enough to chase the game when it did come by. This keeps us alert and strong to hunt when we could, and when we broke the fast when food was available, there was a release of HGH (human growth hormone) to build our muscle. It’s a natural state of humans, this feasting and fasting. It’s why we survived as a species. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, I’ve been eating two meals a day, usually, since elementary school - while I like breakfast food, I don’t ordinarily want to eat for a few hours after I wake up. Not eating a conventional breakfast is fairly common, in my experience. Not the norm, but not something that raises eyebrows

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I have - when I tell him it happens when I haven’t eaten in a while, he says - “So eat!.” (By all-day I mean when I’ve tried extended fasting) I’ve always been a stomach growler - I think some of it might be trapped gas. But it would be nice to be able to go longer without eating. I believe my actual hunger signals are lessening on keto, but this is definitely physical - it is not like I have to combat psychological hunger, if that makes any sense.

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I was reading articles today on Harvard website about keto diets and some keto faster came on and blasted the doctors and told them they are not giving good advice. It turned so many people off. Would have been much better if they just said they had a different experience and here are the results. We don’t need to be born again missionaries for fasting, just share your experience and results and people will ask about it. So irritating and turns a good idea into one you want to avoid because you don’t to be associated arrogant fanatics. Not saying they are actually arrogant but can come across that way.

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Online (especially), that’s a distinction without a difference.


To be fair, after reading all of Gary Fettke’s research on the historical origins of the SAG diet and the blatant corruption and bias of Harvard’s nutritional studies, I wouldn’t trust any advice from Harvard either.

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It def gets like that, doesn’t it?

But there are good ways to go about disagreeing, and bad ways.

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The article or study wasn’t from him. I don’t mind have a different point of view but just say it in a way that isn’t rude. People don’t listen to us when we are so adamant. I think a good place to start is your successes over time.


Definitely agree. No one wants the keto equivalent of the hardcore vegan ranting wildly at random passer-bys.