Could there be such a thing as too much autophagy?

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So she’s cautioning women with breast cancer not to fast?


Hi Greta, I haven’t got an account on facebook as have never liked those social venues, neither twitter nor facebook nor instagram. But it is both frightening and sad to read this woman’s tumour grew so much during that extended fast. I am extremely cautious to extended fasts myself and have never and would never attempt them, having done some research around autophagy and cancer. And even now, three years later, I take a more cautious approach to IF and so if I do it at all now I keep to 16:8. Though if I keep losing weight as I have been since starting keto I’ll be stopping even that as I am keeping a cautious eye on my weight. Cancer is a devastating thing and not ever a topic to take lightly. I feel in my case I was extremely lucky and I feel so grateful, so very blessed. I know there are no guarantees and who can say what the future has in store, but I take my Tamoxifen every day, put my best foot forward, life goes on, full of small and big moments far too precious to let them slip by. I am grateful.

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Hippie-no, she didn’t say for women not to fast. I think it was more about women with an actual tumor (breast cancer) jumping on the fasting bandwagon not knowing it can backfire on them.

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Here is the article she posted just in case, but it sounds like you’ve already seen this.


Yes I read something similar when I was doing my own research when I was about to undergo chemotherapy. But I remember when I was waiting for my first surgery to remove the tumours, I did try to starve the cancer by hardly eating. Though I didn’t do an outright fast even then as I still needed my energy to look after my two boys. And I ate whatever my body needed during chemotherapy. But I understand how incredibly difficult it is for someone who is in the middle of it all to make informed choices at that crucial time. And few of us are really mentally equipped in such a situation to deduce the science, to understand the studies made on the matter more in depth, we are all only human in the end.