Corona Severity and Diet

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@CrackerJax Awwwww thanks Jax, yeah I survived.:wink:

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…Not only that, the virus is seemingly mutating so that it has a second route to attach to a different receptor on host cells if the first attempt fails, it’s a clever little life form.

This makes it even worse meaning that it has improved its longevity outside a host cell almost reaching airborne like endurance.

What’s floating around now is not the same as the original.


[1] Association of Airborne Virus Infectivity and Survivability with its Carrier Particle Size

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Exactly! A vaccine is pipe dream. We’ve been trying to create a vaccine for a coronavirus for 20 years (H1N1). It’s not that’s it’s impossible to do for one variation, but the virus is not stable enough that whatever vaccine we create today will be effective in 12 months.

From what I’ve read, our options are: herd immunity and hope for the best, or nothing…

I hope to contradicted on that…

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The chart might be telling us that there are practically no seniors without underlying conditions. Why else would the death rate peak for no underlying conditions in the 45-64 age bracket and then go down with increasing age?


Electrolyte drip is what I have requested my surgeon orders if necessary when I have surgery

Nestle is supplying a lot of the products that are fed by tube to obese people who are too sick to eat and they are complete sugar filled garbage.

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Don’t be so quick to be so certain about something that could be so totally wrong.

H1N1 isn’t a coronavirus. It’s an influenza virus. The two are different entities. If coronaviruses mutate at 50m.p.h., flu viruses mutate at 200m.p.h..

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yessir. first ingredient is usually corn syrup. Then there is sugar disguised fifteen different ways. I have never been able to convince people that they won’t die if they don’t eat for a few days, that their condition will get them long before not eating will. The first instruction on my Advance Directive is NO ARTIFICIAL NUTRITION. Woe to the person who violates that!

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