Constipated, or no?

(Cassandra Higdon) #1


I’ve read that a lot of ppl get stopped up when starting keto… But I’m having the opposite issue. Is this normal, or should I be worried?
(I can’t remember what happened the last time I started keto!)

(Allie) #2

Either is normal, or both. Make sure you’re drinking enough water and getting enough sodium.

(Diane) #3

I’ve had similar issues off and on during the 10 months I’ve been doing Keto. Just eating more fat can have a laxative effect (especially if you use MCT oil). It can take awhile for your gut microbiome to adjust to your new diet. Supplementing sodium in large doses (not spread out throughout the day), can have a similar effect.

I had a similar issue the first time I did an extended fast. And after I broke that first extended fast.

(Dave) #4

@Organikagurl - Like Diane said, I too had an issue the first two times I broke a fast, but I believe that ended up being from the food I was eating to do so. Which was eggs. … I just broke a fast today, and no issues. But ate a small salad and later a piece of cheesecake. Lot of folks say eggs aren’t the best food for this, though some can.

Also, if you eat too many saturated fats, it can cause diarrhea too. But it does get better as you move forward.


Pre-keto, I was often constipated. Now I’m the opposite. For me, these psyllium husk capsules help tremendously. I take three, twice a day.

I also find I need to avoid olive oil. Any time I use it, say for cauliflower fried rice, I have issues within an hour or so.


I recommend Kim Chi or Sauerkraut for probiotics. Just check the carbs or make your own.

(Rodney) #7

Check your magnesium intake.

(Michelle) #8

I rarely go. Just a little every few days. I’m not in pain or anything. Things were loose/explosive the first few weeks.

(Vanessa) #9

I took these same pills for about 2 years. They helped a lot.

(Allie) #10

Or recipes using psyllium husks, like the garlic naan bread I just made for myself and my man who normally eats really badly. I’ve warned him of the effect he may encounter… :joy:

You can actually get psyllium seeds too, I bought them once by accident in an Asian store. Never used them for cooking but have ground them up to make capsules.

(Omar) #11


you can get the seeds and you can get the husks as well

(Cassandra Higdon) #12

Did u say garlic naan you made??? Recipe???
We love naan and I would love to try the recipe if you don’t mind sharing!!!

(Cassandra Higdon) #13

Thanks everyone for answering btw. Day 9? 10? Now, and I’m not having the issue anymore so that’s good.
I’ve learned that erythritol gives me issues in large quantities, but other than that doing great!!!

(Allie) #14

Here you go @Organikagurl

I made it slightly different to the recipe as I added minced garlic into the naan mix rather than making the garlic butter to go with it.

(Cassandra Higdon) #15

Oh my goodness thanks so much!!

(Cassandra Higdon) #16

Tried this tonight!!!
I don’t have nor could I find the psyllium husk powder anywhere but Google said I could use xanthum gum (?) so I used that instead.
They turned out lovely, and worked quite well as a normal naan substitute!!! My husband was quite pleased as well :heart:️ thanks for sharing the recipe with me!