Confused about post category and privacy


I am trying to get my bearings around here! Please forgive me on this one…

I did a search and got this list of posts. Are the posts titled “Hyperthyroid, Graves” and “Keto women over 50” uncategorized? And if so, that means they are returned in google search results since not in a locked category, correct? What happens if they should be?

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If you notice something that looks too personal, send a message to some of the admins, and they can take care of it. Members with a high enough trust level can also change the category of a thread, I believe, but I personally would hesitate to do that without permission from the original poster.

One potential issue is that the OP might be too new to have access to the locked categories. In that case, moving the thread would prevent the OP from seeing replies.


Thank you!!