Come on in, the water is fine!

(Dudes) #1

I have nothing of nutritional value to say, except that Richard Morris and I are REALLY excited to launch this forum after the holidays. This topic (Keto Chat) is a social room. Feel free to just say hi!

(Richard Morris) #2

Just wanna add my :hat: to that

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #3

Can we skinny dip?

(Richard Morris) #4

First sighting of ZornFace

(carl) #5

You first!!

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #6

I ain’t scared

(Cheryl) #7

I’m in!

(Cheryl) #8

Still working on changing my user name back to Cheryl.

(Richard Morris) #9

I changed it for you - much quicker with admin tools :slight_smile:

(gooeykablooey) #10

Thanks for inviting me over to check it out (Daisy) this looks like it’ll be much more suitable for intended use :slight_smile:

(Guardian of the bacon) #11

Looks like you guys have done some good prep work, Still working my way down the hallways peaking in doorways to see what’s available. Gonna be a damn good site.

Looking forward to meeting lots of new peeps.

(Rindaloo) #12

Is this the part for intros? If so, Hi I’m Lynne, I have been aiming for eating LCHF since 2003 with varying degrees of success. I feel good when I eat LCHF but the carb lure can ‘get’ me sometimes. This is a bad time of year and I have recently had a cold virus. I have set 4th January as my restart date and am listening to your podcasts, which I find motivating :slight_smile: I am looking forward to good, interesting, friendly interaction with fellow Keto-ers :wink: x

(Laurie) #13

Thanks for the invite - So far the site looks amazing. I am happy to leave Facebook behind - almost didn’t make it through the election cycle.

(pathoward45) #14

Wow! This is all new to me, but looks SO much better than FB! I will search around and lurk for a while!

(mwall) #15

Did somebody say dinner?

(Rebecca) #16

@mwall That looks awesome.

(Meeping up the Science!) #17


(brian) #18

Thanks so much for setting this up. Looks like it will be great!


So excited you guys are doing this!! Looking forward to hangin’ out in the forum! :heart_eyes:

(fubeca) #20

Richard are you a Firefly fan?