Colonizing Mars Is No Longer A Dream - More Like a Nightmare? 🙄

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Dig in Trekkies

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…And then the humans start genetically modifying the crickets and other insects on Mars to make them bigger and juicier to eat and then they start eating humans and using their technology against them…lol

Let the interplanetary wars begin!

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Crickets :slight_smile: Mmmmm !

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I’m sure Mansanto is responsible for the giant crickets on Mars?

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Amazon Prime…
Binging mood
Good MARS related sci-fi

“The Expanse” …3 seasons so far😄


Yep…both crustaceans and insects are branched off from a common ancestor. Remember that next time you have your shrimp cocktail. :wink:

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The trilobites look kind of tasty!


I imagine you could get a nice big trilobite steak out of one of them.



I no longer drink Bayer.


They are a bit crunchy. And with the easiest to catch one’s being fossils, they need a geological pick axe to eat them. Plenty of minerals though.


The closest thing are Horseshoe crabs. They aren’t true Trilobites (and they’re not crabs either) but they are the Trilobite’s closest relatives. Barely any meat though but people eat their roe.

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Some of the foods on this thread really are a nightmare :rofl:

Edited to add: but @Karim_Wassef might eat them

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Ewwww that is creepy! Good thing we have Keto Pizza intstead, eh?? hehe.

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I was thinking more: just another good reason to avoid it. :-1:

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It’s so easy to see how they put these things together to say what they want to say. “Look it’s lower protein than beef, but lower fat, too! And it has Omega-3s and fiber!” I know wild salmon is a better source of Omega-3 oils than farmed salmon fed “fish chow”, and wild sardines or other “low on the food chain” fish are better than grass finished beef, but how does that compare to the crickets?

Is the percentage of fat in crickets is high enough to prevent rabbit starvation? I’d guess so without knowing real numbers.

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I have this humorous idea of a whole philosophy that says the more lives lost when you eat something the more karmic juju you get from it. Cows: sad but minimal. Bugs: you’re going to hell, dude. :rofl:

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So this appears to be getting more serious:

Bug Burger™


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Ewwwwww, just ewwww --I would much prefer Fasting thank you very much =).