Collagen and headaches?

(Carolyn aka stokies) #1

I started taking collagen today due to hair/skin issues and now I can’t shake this headache. I haven’t had any headaches since on this way of life so this has me wondering. I am hydrated, well rested and not too stressed. And not hungry.

Thoughts? Experiences?



I’ve never had a headache after collagen. Been taking it for a few months.

(Allie) #3

Collagen supplements trigger visual migraines for me, the same as calcium supplements do. I was taking marine collagen which I found out afterwards was very high in calcium.

Now I’m trying beef collagen in my coffees but it’s only been a few days so the levels haven’t built up yet…

(Carolyn aka stokies) #4

Hey Allie -

That makes so much sense to me now… I have excess calcium naturally, which would lend itself to my random migraines… So I should definitely double check that on the collagen I am taking. Would never put the two together! Thank you and lemme know how that goes for you…

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #5

Getting enough salt eliminates my migraines. I wondered why, on keto, I was getting so many auras, when I came across a discussion of the keto “flu” in which headaches were mentioned as a symptom. Sure enough, when I remember to keep my salt intake up, no headaches!

I also find that if I am getting enough salt, my potassium, magnesium, and calcium stay within balance.

Andrew Mente of McMaster University quotes his own PURE study data and several other studies to show that we are at our healthiest when we are getting 4-6 grams of sodium (or 12-15 g of table salt) daily.

(Cindy Gooch) #6

I had some beef bone broth yesterday that seemed to trigger a migraine, but as the weather has been so goofy here (which also triggers migraines in me), it’s hard to know for sure if that was the cause. I had fasted all day, but had broth later in the evening…

(Allie) #7

It wasn’t an immediate thing with me, I had been supplementing the collagen for over two months when the migraines started which is why I didn’t associate it straight away. But once I researched and found out about the high calcium content I stopped taking it straight away and not had a migraine since - I had been getting one, sometimes two, every day without fail for weeks.

(Cindy Gooch) #8

OK - I think that’s a different situation. I appreciate your reply.

(Karen D Vrbas) #9

Have you found a collagen drink that works now that doesn’t cause a migraine

(Allie) #10

For a while the beef collagen was OK but on my third month of using it daily, they flared up again :slightly_frowning_face: Now I just add it to coffee here and there rather than every day.

(Antonina B) #11

Hi, I also have headaches every time I take collagen or drink bone broth. They go away after I stop. It works like the clock. My headaches often feel the strongest around the area close to my wisdom teeth. After I extracted my bottom wisdom teeth, the bottom part stopped aching. I wonder if collagen somehow stimulates the jaw bone and it exerts pressure on a nerve. Thank you for sharing, there are no resources that talk about collagen-headache connection, I am glad I came across this forum.

(Mitica V ) #12

I noticed I have them from bovine type 3 and fish type 1, but i am ok to take chicken type2. I wonder why…

(Sophie Edwards) #13

I’m not on keto but I created this account just to say thankyou for this thread. I was taking collagen foe my joints and skin and I started to noticed this connection between headaches/ migraines after I had taken a supplement.

Mine was just from MyVitamins so I have no idea what type is in it but I’ll find out. Weird because I really hate bone broth too because it makes me feel poorly.

Thank you again!