Coffee and coconut oil

(chad) #1

Ok so do you have to blend the c oil up in the coffee or will it just melt/ stir up. I drink coffee while at work and can’t really get to a blender. Will just sticking it in still work?

Also it’s heavy whipping cream ok ?


Unless you blend it you will end up with a very gross oil slick on top. Stick blender is the way to go to get the necessary emulsification.

(Pete A) #3

The coconut oil melts and yes heavy whipping cream is great. Sometimes for me I’ll add also a pat of butter and a sweetener. Decadent! :grinning:


Sorry. Misread your post. If you cant use a stick blender, then it’ll be hard to get it blended well. And, learn from my mistake, don’t shake hot coffee and coconut oil in a plastic GNC mixing bottle. :flushed::flushed::flushed: Lets just say hot liquids under pressure tend to go where they want.

(chad) #5

I have a little milk frother. I wonder if that will work


It could. Emulsification turns it into a treat.


I don’t bother blending it - as I don’t find coconut oil gross and I can’t stand noisy machines early in the day. Plus, I love doing laaaaaaaazy keto.

It’s just the first few sips that seem the oilest/yummiest.

What I do is start with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in my big latte mug, add 1-2 tablespoons cream, and maybe some erythritol if using flavored coffee or if it’s leftover bitter coffee - then add the HOT COFFEE and stirrrrrrrrrrr!

Then, I just sit. And sip. And listen to the new day. :coffee: :sun_with_face::sunflower:

(Allie) #8

Blending has to be done.


If you’re not going to have access to a blender you may want look into MCT powder. The oil will melt, but not actually blend in with the coffee without it. Better off doing your buttered/oiled up coffee at home and just having heavy cream at work for the during the day ones.


Yeh I use a little cheap milk frother while I’m at work :ok_hand:t2:

(chad) #11

What about a carb free sweetener? I typed in splenda and stevia and there calories free but had a carb per pack. Is there anything I can use with out carbs


Both of them are fine if they’re a liquid, if it’s the packets there’s some carb content in there, sometimes from the maltodextrin it’s bonded to, AND many of them have actual sugar (dextrose) in them. 1 or 2 packets once or twice a day isn’t gonna do any damage, but I drink coffee all day long, I literally keep a squirt bottle of Splenda with me for that reason.