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(Cailyn Mc Cauley) #1

I just started using Chronometer and am needing help calculating what settings to enter.

Does anyone have a cheat sheet on the calculations for body weight to;
Daily protein grams
Daily fat grams?

(Susan) #2

Hi @Cailynq =) I used to use Chronometer but it was triggering too many of my old anorexic tendancies so I stopped. All you really need to do is make sure your carbs are as low as you can manage, and always definitely under 20 grams. Your proteins and fats are not nearly as important. I used to think that I had to eat a lot of fats; but I have found that just using the healthy fats normally in things works well. I like a Fatty Keto coffee and I add butter to my foods, and eat more meats than vegetables and it has worked well for me so far. Keto is pretty simple and we don’t have to drive ourself bonkers over thinking it really =). I wish you success =).


I feel like I just started by inputting height and weight. This gave a recommendation based on the max carbs I wanted and my weight loss goals. I stuck with that as it adjusted according to my activity level (My Garmin app connected to cronometer).

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #4

You should get better weight loss by setting the app to maintenance, rather than loss mode. The reason is that restricting calories causes the metabolism to slow, making losing fat just that much harder.

(Cailyn Mc Cauley) #5

Thanks! I just had a metabolism test and the Dr said I am down 100kcal in my metabolism for my height and weight. He gave me some awesome tips to stimulate it(ACV tablets, lemon/lime and grapefruit) the nice thing is even with the grapefruit I’m able to stay under 20g net carbs.

(Bob M) #6


(Anthony) #7

Apple cider vinegar, probably

(Bob M) #8

That’s what I though, but in tablets? They really make those?


There is no cheat sheet, go to settings -> profile and fill out your stats, it’ll do the rest, then under targets you can tweak if you need.

You have no necessary fat grams, they fill in the blanks
Protein is based on body weight unless you’re very overweight then you go by LBM
Calories depend on your stats and activity levels.

(Susan) #10

This is what I take daily for my ACV.

(Cailyn Mc Cauley) #11

You can by Peak Purity 100 ACV capsules from Amazon. 2 has 1000 mg ACV. I’ve been taking them about a week now

(Cailyn Mc Cauley) #12

That’s exactly what was wrong! I switched to moderate and feel like things are much better.

(Cailyn Mc Cauley) #13

Thanks! I’ve struggled for 20 years, been Keto for 5 and my weight has still been up and down. I am going back to logging for 3 months to try to identify what I’m missing. Maybe hidden carbs, etc. I’ve also started some cognitive behavioral therapy. Let’s see where I am by Spring!

(Bob M) #14

Behavior is a big part.

Also, look at your PUFA intake. Minimize pork and chicken if you can. Even things like avocados might not be great. Eat more beef and other ruminants. Hard cheese if you can handle it.